Anthony Smith picks Dustin Poirier over Conor McGregor in a fourth match: “He’s just better. It’s just a fact.”

Conor McGregor Anthony Smith, Dustin Poirier

UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith has heard the ongoing trash talk between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. ‘Lionheart’ weighs in on a potential fourth match between these two UFC stars.

McGregor and Poirier have been going back and forth on Twitter recently. Poirier has been recovering from a severe staph infection which hospitalized the UFC lightweight.

In a since-deleted Tweet, the Irish-born McGregor said: “Heal up soon scruffy knickers.” Poirier responded: “You done filming Roid House and ready to get slapped around again!?” To which the Dublin athlete finished with: “Ye I’m in Amsterdam jacked like van damn. You weren’t just hurt pal. You were scared hurt don’t forget it. I’m coming back to put you in a box. Full of it. I’m sending you off this earth. Permanent. Stay waiting for the road house as well pal you and the missus will love it”

‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor has said he is looking for a fight in 2023, and Poirier seems to be responding well to antibiotics. Fortunately, he seems to be recovering from his infection. With the timing aligning and the trash talk cooking, there is potential to see Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 4. Currently, their trilogy has Poirier at two wins to McGregors one.

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Anthony Smith talks Dustin Poirier vs Conor McGregor 4

While speaking with Michael Bisping on the Believe You Me Podcast, Anthony Smith discussed the potential for this fight. He said:

“I don’t want to pull back the curtain too far here Mike. But, we all know the price tag that probably comes with a Conor McGregor fight. So you can say all you want, ‘Oh, I don’t want it.’ I love Dustin Poirier. I love everything he stands for, Dustin’s full of sh*t. He’s going to take that paycheck any chance he gets, and I’m here to watch it. I’ll buy it, and I’ll put money in his pocket. I’m here for it, just for the buildup.”

On his prediction for the match, Smith explained:

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“[McGregor] wasn’t really in either of those last two fights. I’m a huge Dustin Poirier mark. I’ll buy everything he sells, I’ll watch any fight he’s in, but taking my biases out of it, he’s just better. It’s just a fact. [The leg break] is a built-in excuse… It’s like the Nate Diaz cut in the Masvidal fight. It’s very similar, he was going to lose anyways.” [Transcript courtesy of BJ Penn]

See the full podcast episode below: