News broke last night (Sun., April 26, 2015) that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was a suspect in an Albuquerque, New Mexico hit-and-run accident that allegedly saw him hit a 21-year-old pregnant girl and put her in the hospital with minor injuries including a broken arm.

Details soon came this morning from the official police report that Jones had supposedly fled the scene after grabbing a handful of cash, leaving behind his marijuana and pipe in addition to paperwork placing him as the renter of the car involved.

The UFC waited with baited breath as the Albuquerque PD decided what to do with Jones, and according to recent findings from Michael Stets, they aren’t going to like what they hear. Apparently the police are seeking a felony arrest warrant for the embattled Jones:

Soon thereafter, the Albuquerque Police issued a report online that said they had obtained said warrant, with plans in place for “Mr. Jones” to turn himself into authorities:

That certainly sounds like terrible news for both Jones and the UFC, as ‘Bones’ has a massive title defense scheduled for May 23’s UFC 187 coming up in less than a month.

He was also busted for using cocaine prior to his UFC 182 win over bitter rival Daniel Cormier, so coupled with this latest incident, it’s clear that Jones is becoming the biggest heel in MMA.

Whether or not he’s trying to do that remains unknown, but it’s becoming painfully obvious that the UFC will be gambling with uncertainty each and every time they rest the success of a massive pay-per-view (PPV) on his shoulders.

He may just be the most talented fighter to ever step into an MMA cage, but today, he may also be the fighter who’s gotten into the most trouble outside of it, as well.

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