Only a day after he drew the attention of the MMA world by telling UFC President Dana White to ‘shut his f***ing mouth’ (among other things), rising UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta continues to go off on his employers and everyone remotely close to them.

Today, Iaquinta took to his Twitter page to blast Reebok with some well-timed tweets full of questionable spelling, claiming the UFC’s apparel company was trying to work out some sort of deal with him:

Apparently ‘Raging Al’ thought they were against him, calling them out for choosing Sage Northcutt to be their representative instead of him and adding that he’d take out ‘little bitch’ ‘Super’ Sage:

Iaquinta then seemed to come back down to earth somewhat, actually praising Reebok’s products with more slightly ineligible words:

Sounds like he was trying to say “I’ll give that to them,” but either way, it’s more solid gold from an increasingly more notorious fighter who has become famous more for his outspoken crusade against the “Big Brother”-like UFC brass despite his actual performances in the cage, where he’s won his last five fights including four by stoppage and eight of his last nine overall.

Iaquinta returned from over two years away from the sport selling at last weekend’s UFC Fight Night 108 from Nashville, demolishing longtime fan favorite Diego Sanchez with an absolutely vicious right hook and a follow-up straight that could legitimately be dubbed the hardest punch of the year. But he was ultimately noncommittal about ever returning to the UFC after complaining about his pay for years and arguing with the company to pay for a knee surgery he had during his hiatus.

He also ‘raged’ on a good portion of the lightweight division, first calling out rising prospect Kevin Lee, whom he defeated at UFC 169 in January 2014, for not being able to throw a shot like he can:

‘Ragiing’ Al must have then caught wind that he was misspelling a few words, correcting himself with the actual name he wanted to throw Lee’s way:

He didn’t let up on Lee, either, further mocking his striking prowess:

Iaquinta then shifted his focus to Mitch Clarke, who submitted him at UFC 173 in May 2014:

He wouldn’t stop there, giving Bobby Green credit for being able to punch but calling him mentally weak in his own unique way with a sassy new hashtag:

For a man who said it was probable he wouldn’t fight again, he’s certainly calling out a lot of fighters, and for someone who has been publicly blasting his employer for years, he did something incredibly strange by offering to fight all the fighters he just trolled for free:

It wouldn’t seem like Iaquinta is truly out of the game just yet whether he likes his contract or not, and his latest rant makes it look like he wants to get hype rolling for his next bout.

With that perhaps in mind, Iaquinta had only one reaction for someone who asked him about fighting the winner of Eddie Alvarez vs. Dustin Poirier at May 13’s UFC 211:

At the end of the day booking Iaquinta in a high-profile bout is probably what’s best for both Iaquinta and the UFC, because he currently looks like one of the most dangerous knockout sluggers in the extremely talented UFC 155-pound landscape, and could benefit from a step up in competition.

The company has a potential star on their hand for the rapidly-developing New York market, and all they have to do is pay him a little more money that would pale in comparison to the massive sum they paid for the UFC – and the amounts they’re saving by cutting loose a large portion of the former staff and hordes of competitors.

The UFC could kill two two birds with one stone in doing so, as well, alleviating some of the massive pressure they’re feeling from the backlash of fans that have made rating plummet during a horrific start to 2017.

But their actions would suggest they simply don’t care, so Iaquinta will most likely continue to be at odds with his bosses for the foreseeable future.

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