Ali Abdelaziz hopes to see “Justin Gaethje destroy Conor McGregor” in the Irishman’s return

Conor McGregor

Gaethje’s manager would love to see a Justin Gaethje vs Conor McGregor fight in 2023, no matter the weight class.

Since entering the UFC, Justin Gaethje has established himself as one of the most dangerous Lightweights on the roster. His fan-friendly style has also made him one of the most popular MMA fighters. Both these qualities have put Gaethje on the shortlist for a McGregor comeback fight. And at least, according to Gaethje’s manager, Ali Abdelaziz, Gaethje would destroy the Notorious One at this point in their respective careers.

“I would like to see Justin Gaethje destroy Conor McGregor and put them in a wheelchair. I would love to see that. (At 170 pounds?) doesn’t matter, anywhere, he can take all the steroids you want. He can take all the EPO everything, whatever you want to take he can take.” (H/T Middleasy)

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Ali Abdelaziz believes Conor McGregor will end up ducking Justin Gaethje

Despite wanting to see the fight between McGregor and Gaethje, Ali Abdelaziz expressed his doubt that McGregor will actually be willing to fight someone as dangerous as his client.

“I would like to see this fight, but we know he doesn’t like tough fights anymore. He wants easy fights. He’s probably not gonna fight Justin Gaethje.”

But, if the two Lightweight giants do end up fighting each other, the UFC will have plenty of promotional material as McGregor and Justin Gaethje have gone back and forth numerous times in recent years.

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This includes everything from Gaethje calling McGregor irrelevant as he hasn’t won a fight in several years, to McGregor calling out Gaethje for his quitting comments. Most recently, where Justin Gaethje expressed similar sentiments as his manager as he also believes McGregor won’t be willing to step inside the octagon against him because he’s too dangerous for the Irishman.