Three Changes That Desperately Need To Happen To The UFC In 2016


The UFC has some serious issues that need seeing to. Let’s hope these glaring problems are addressed in 2016…

The UFC ios without doubt the biggest and most powerful MMA promotion on the planet, and as such they pretty much do whatever they want. Of course lining the pockets of the Zuffa brass scores high on the agenda for the UFC, but 2015 has seen a peak in the organization’s allegedly monopolizing ways, with a number of high profile lawsuits and bungled debacles along the way.

Of these numerous red herrings the UFC has within their ranks right now, there are three glaring issues that need to be addressed in 2016. It’s hard to deny that many fans have grown weary of the UFC’s latest style of business tactics/fighter treatment/over hype/under hype bullsh*t, and something needs to give.


Without further ado, three changes that need to happen for the UFC in 2016:


Judging and scoring

The above image is the official scorecard from the lightweight battle between Ross Pearson and Diego Sanchez, widely considered one of the greatest MMA robberies of all time. It happened in mid-2014 at the UFC Fight Night Albuquerque card, and caused a massive stir at the time. Pearson dominated Sanchez throughout the fight, and was handed a split decision loss by the judges.

This isn’t the only judging foul, or the biggest, but it’s a prime example of why the UFC, as the world’s leading promotion, needs to get their sh*t together. ROAD FC recently changed to the ‘unlimited points’ system, but we are yet to see how it works out. The UFC did reveal judges would be placed in sound proof booths as part of a new scheme to tighten up the scoring of fights, but still the flawed base remains in place.

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