10 Times UFC’s Punishment Didn’t Fit The Crime


Over the years, the UFC has seen it fit to punish fighters for a variety of different reasons, but maintaining a fair and balanced approach to this side of the business has often proven to be a challenge.

Whether it’s some fighters being treated too leniently or others appearing to be unfairly victimized, the world’s MMA leader has shown some inconsistency in dealing with many of these issues.

In this article, we’ll look at 10 times when the punishment’s (or lack thereof) being dished out by the UFC didn’t appear to fit the crime.

Jason High’s Release

High lost his cool after referee Kevin Mulhall rushed in to end his fight with Rafael dos Anjos when he was dropped and subjected to a ground and pound barrage at UFC Fight Night 42 in 2014.

High was so frustrated by the stoppage that when Mulhall approached afterward, he pushed him away.

High soon realized the error of his ways and chose to make a public apology, yet though it was far from the worst thing that’s ever happened in the Octagon, Dana White came down on him like a ton of bricks.

You don’t ever, ever f——- touch a referee, ever,” White told UFC.com.  “You’re done here. He’s been apologizing on Twitter, but he’s done.”

Bizarrely, White acknowledged that he hadn’t even seen the incident before making his decision, having slept through the event at his holiday home after taking allergy medication.

When you consider that Gilbert Yvel once KO’d a referee yet was allowed to join the UFC and Roy Nelson kicked referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy and only received a nine-month suspension, then it all seems rather unfair that High was permanently banished.