10 Biggest Post-Fight Meltdowns In MMA History

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Shinya Aoki

If you consider yourself an MMA connoisseur, then you should be familiar with “Tobikan Judan” Shinya Aoki.

Aoki has been blazing the Japanese MMA trail since the early 2000’s. With well over 50 fights on his resume, many of which ended in unbelievable fashion, Aoki is a polarizing figure in an otherwise conservative country.

Dynamite 2009 would be the stage on which Aoki would have his most memorable post-fight theatrics. Aoki defeated Mizuto Hirota via hammerlock that snapped Hirota’s arm, but that alone doesn’t constitute a post-fight meltdown. It was what Aoki did next that earned him a spot on this list.

After breaking Hirota’s arm, Aoki stood right over his fallen foe and gave him the middle finger as he shouted obscenities at Hirota’s half-unconscious body.

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