10 Biggest Post-Fight Meltdowns In MMA History

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Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar just may be the meanest man to have ever competed inside the octagon and for that matter, the meanest person to have ever lived.

When you think of a post-fight meltdown, Lesnar may not come to mind, but his actions after defeating rival Frank Mir at UFC 100 sure fit the bill.

“The Beast” got his revenge on Mir at UFC 100 after losing his UFC debut to him just one year prior. Lesnar pounded Mir out in such a violent way that it blurred the lines of sport and assault. But what fans will remember most about that night was the way Lesnar acted after destroying Mir.

After smashing Mir out, Lesnar ran up to the cameras still seething and foaming from the mouth. He spat at the camera, threw his mouthpiece and ran back up to Mir as if to continue the beating. Then to top it off, he went on his now-infamous post-fight rant where he berated Bud Light and said he may ‘climb on top of his wife’ that evening. Classic stuff.

Also sounds like a meltdown to me.

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