UFC names top 10 fighters of 2012, Bendo takes top spot


2012 wasn’t exactly the year everyone thought it would be. With some of the best fights imaginable set to happen, MMA fans were let down over and over again by injuries and last minute changes. With that said this years list of top fighters seems to favor a combination of those who not only performed well, but were the most active throughout the year.

One very underrated fighter I’m personally glad to see on the list is Matt Brown who not was not only the most active but went on a 4-fight winning streak in the process. One of the biggest stand outs of course would have to be the one fighter who exhibited a good mix of both performance and activity, and that was none other than Benson Henderson.

Winning two separate decisions over Frankie Edgar, while I’ll admit were debatable but also impressive, and recently dominating #1 contender Nate Diaz. It’s no wonder the UFC chose Henderson this year.

Although personally I would have chosen Cain Velasquez based on his complete dominance of both his opponents, working his way back and winning the belt for the second time in the process, especially from such a dominant champion. But what do you think?

I’d have to agree with this list for the most part, but do you? Who would you name fighter of the year? Check out the official list below and then give us your thoughts in the comments!

10. Constantinos Philippou (3-0)
9. Anderson Silva (2-0)
8. Mike Pyle (3-0)
7. Cub Swanson (3-0)
6. Stefan Struve (3-0)
5. Cain Velasquez (2-0)
4. Matt Brown (4-0)
3. Demetrious Johnson (2-0-1)
2. Jon Jones (2-0)
1. Ben Henderson (3-0)