Top 50 Future Matchups – Which fights will fans get to see ?


Joe Silva (UFC matchmaker) delivers some of the most exciting cards for fight fans, not an easy task considering the personalities, management, and injuries that he often encounters during the process.  

Listed below is a list of 50 potential future matchups and rematches across the various weightclasses that may be delivered at some stage by matchmaker king Joe Silva.  As fight fans, what matchups on the list are you most interested in seeing? What other matchups would you like to see in the near future? Maybe it is a rematch, or someone from a different organization. Let us know your thoughts below.

Heavyweight matchups  (265)

 1.Cain Velasquez VS Bigfoot Silva (Booked)

2..Cain Velasquez  vs  Daniel Cormier

3.Cain Velasquez VS Jnr Dos Santos 3

4.Cain Velasquez vs Jon Jones

5.Pat Barry VS Cheick Congo 2

6.Alistair Overeem vs Bigfoot 2

7.Alistair Overeem vs Jnr Dos Santos

8.Alistair Overeem vs Fabricio Werdum 3

Light Heavyweight Matchup (205)

9. Jon Jones VS Anderson Silva

10.Jon Jones VS Alexander Gustaffson

11.Jon Jones VS Gegard MoUSAsi

12.Jon Jones VS Daniel Cormier

13.Jon Jones VS Glover Texeira

14.Shogun Rua vs Dan Henderson 2

15.Wanderlei Silva vs Rampage Jackson 4

16.Wanderlei Silva vs Dan Henderson 3

17.Wanderlei Silva vs Vitor Belfort

18.Rashad Evans vs Lyoto Machida 2

19.Dan Henderson vs Fedor Emelianenko 2 (secret comeback in Russia?)

Middleweight matchups (185)

20.Anderson Silva VS Chris Weidman (BOOKED)

21.Anderson Silva vs GSP or at Catchweight

22.Uriah Hall VS Cung Lee

23.Uriah Hall VS Josh Samman

24.Mark Munoz vs Hector Lombard

25.Mark Munoz  vs  Chris Weidman 2

26.Wanderlei Silva vs Brian Stann 2

27.Wanderlie Silva vs Cung Lee 2

28.Wanderlei Silva VS Chael Sonnen

Welterweight Division (170)

 29.Gsp VS Johnny Hendricks  (to be booked)

30.Nick Diaz VS Matt Brown

31.Nick Diaz VS Robbie Lawler 2

32.Martin Kampmann vs Carlos Condit 2

33.Nate Marquardt vs Demian Maia 2

Lightweight Division (155)

34.Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis 2

35.Benson Henderson VS Gilbert Melendez 2

36.Benson Henderson VS GSP

37.Jim Miller vs  Joe Lauzon 2

38.Rustam Khabilov vs Gilbert Melendez  (Greg Jackson has recently revealed that he believes Rustam Khabilov 16-1-0 to be the next world Champion). Prehaps this matchup makes sense. We already witnessed what Rustam can do with his punishing suplexes.

39.Ross Pearson vs Donald Cerrone

40. BJ Penn vs Nate Diaz (@ lightweight or welterweight)

Featherweight Division (145)

41.Jose Aldo vs Anthony Pettis (booked)

42.Korean Zombie vs Ricardo Lamas (booked)

43.Erik Koch vs Conor McGregor

Bantamweight Division (135)

44.Dominic Cruz vs Renan Barao

45.Erik Perez vs Uriah Faber

Flyweight Division (125)

46.Joseph Benevidaz vs Demetrious Johnson 2

Womens Bantamweight Division (135)

47.Rhonda Rousey vs Cat Zingano (booked)

48.Rhonda Rousey vs  Cris Cyborg

49.Meisha Tate vs Cat Zingano 2

50.Sara McMann vs  Cat Zingano

  • Jones vs Lyoto 2

    • Everyone is trying to look like a badass on the pictures. Except for Rhonda Rousey, she looks sweet. And Robbie Lawler, for gods sake man.

    • GSP vs Maia, and im always excited to see Robbie Lawler fight anyone.

      • Great matchup David

      • GSP vs. Maia seconded, also a rematch between Maia and the reacquired Marquardt to let him have a chance to avenge that embarrassing 20 second KO loss.

  • top 10:
    -JDS vs jones (IMO JDS will be the worst match up ever for jones. i will love to see jones KOd by him)
    -werdum vs jones (if werdum is on shape it will a great fight standing and in the ground)
    -big country vs hunt
    -jones vs AS
    -nick diaz vs brown (this one probably would be fight of the year)
    -nick diaz vs bisping (ive always thought this 2 will make a great match up. and after watching bisping against belcher im sure they will.)
    -aldo vs pettis (if you include AS this 2 are top 3 of mma spectacular guys)
    -aldo vs mendes 2 (mendes has improved a lot)
    -barao vs cruz (barao easy)
    -roussey vs cyborg

  • Regarding Overeem, I beginning to wonder if he's going to be another busted hype-train. Even if we excuse the stupidity of his performance in the 3rd round of his fight with Bigfoot, he didn't look that great in rounds 1 & 2 of that fight. It certainly wasn't dominating and even his fans (of which I am one) have to scratch their heads at the difference in his physical appearance for that Bigfoot fight, as compared to his physical appearance for the Lesnar fight.

    Also, going back and taking into consideration his last StrikeForce fight, the one with Werdum, he didn't look great in that one, either. To be honest and as I recall it, I actually thought Werdum looked better on the feet.

    Alistair needs a big win in his next bout, no matter who it's with. I know one match I wouldn't mind seeing and that would be Overeem / Hunt, but then again as a huge Hunt fan, I want to see Mark fight everyone.

    • @truth…What to do with the Reem is the million dollar question…where to next? I still haven't lost hope because bigfoot was a fight he should have won. In the press conference Reem made out he was fighting a nobody and payed the ultimate price…Reem had alot of problems with management, suspensions and the bigfoot loss. I think many of those problems are behind him now and he will be more focussed. Hunt fought Reem in Dream and lost in first round submission but a second matchup would always be interesting.

  • There are very few fights I don't want to see on this list. One (not #1) fight I'd love to see would be a rematch between Fedor and Hendo. I think Fedor's three most recent losses were mainly flukes. I think he got in a rut. I would pick him to win all three of those rematches in devastating fashion and would love to see him make a comeback to do so. That said I see very little chance of Fedor making a return to fighting even if Dana is taking the show to Russia. I think that the main reason Fedor got in a rut in the first place was that he was already thinking more about retirement than fighting. The last three fights he had were in my mind just Fedor proving to himself that if he wanted to he could still fight. Unfortunately he didn't want to.

    • @Choke…i wonder what it would take to reignite the passion. Fedor certainly doesn't need the money. I think this was the UFC's biggest missed opportunity, not getting Fedor in his prime.

  • Also, Cung Le!

  • Interesting – no mention of Rory McDonald.

    • @Michael….I was thinking Rory Mc Donald vs Nick Diaz would be a great matchup considering Rory already beat Nate. The camps don't see eye to eye

  • Rockhold vs. Bisping, Diaz vs. Mcdonald, Maia vs. GSP, Machida vs. Gustaffson, Mousasi vs. Shogun,

  • Uriah Hall VS Cung Lee …. now THAT i need to see!!

  • Ortiz – Shamrock 4!!