What Happens If Ovince St. Preux Beats Jon Jones?

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The UFC light-heavyweight division faced some complications over the last year and change, continuing up until present day, after a number of different factors impacted the top end of the 205-pound class. First off Jon Jones went in to meltdown, was stripped of the belt and temporarily exiled from the UFC. Daniel Cormier stepped in and filled the slot, then defended the title once, and set himself up for a big rematch with ‘Bones’ at UFC 197. Then came Cormier’s first withdrawal from a professional mixed martial arts bout, as he was injured in recent weeks and forced off the April 23 card.


Now, following the recent trend, the interim light-heavyweight title is on the line between Jones and late substitute Ovince Saint Preux. ‘Bones’ is a massive favorite coming in to their fight, with the betting offices recognizing his calibre as (statistically) the greatest light-heavyweight champion in the promotion’s history. Everyone is so busy talking about UFC 200 as the date for Jones vs ‘DC’ 2, that they seem to be overlooking what’s coming up before that. St. Preux is a dangerous fighter, and has beaten some very tough guys during his time in the UFC and Strikeforce. On top of that, he’s got some serious physical advantages to bring to this interim title bout.

So, what happens if Ovince St. Preux shocks the world and demolishes Jon Jones at UFC 197?


Cormier vs. Jones 2, meet the back burnerĀ 

Inevitably the rematch that everyone has waited so long for will have to wait. ‘DC’ and ‘Bones’ threw down in January 2015 at UFC 182 after perhaps the fiercest rivalry in the promotion’s history, but the fight left many questions remaining. It seemed as though Cormier’s performance was out of character, or perhaps Jones just made it look that way, regardless it had fans and pundits longing for the second meeting.

Once Jones was embroiled in legal troubles and Cormier took over as champion, there’s been a strange turning of tables. For some reason certain sects of fans are labelling ‘DC’ a fake champion, as if he had something to do with Jones’ reckless behaviour during his New Mexico hit-and-run. All these factors make Cormier vs. Jones 2 a must see spectacle, but OSP could quite easily make it another rematch like Jones vs. Gus 2, one that’s been wanting for a lifetime, but always been out of reach.

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