WATCH: CM Punk’s Opponent Chokes Radio Show Host Out Cold

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Perhaps after the news of CM Punk’s surgery, his debut opponent Mickey Gall is getting a little impatient. Dude ends up snoring like a pig…

Mickey Gall recently punched his ticket to  big money fight this year, defeating Mike Jackson for the chance to fight pro wrestling crossover CM Punk. Real name Phillip Brooks, Punk will be debuting in the welterweight division, and Gall was excited to say the least after stopping Jackson by submission at UFC Fight Night 82 in just 45 seconds.

Referee Yves Lavigne called the fight off after Jackson tapped due to a rear naked choke, and the sweepstakes for CM Punk’s first opponent were over. Then came the news of Punk going for surgery on his back, meaning his long awaited (?) debut was once again delayed.


Suck to be Mickey, but the opportunity does not escape him, it will simply take a little longer to transpire. So what’s Gall doing to keep himself active in the meantime? Well, he’s been putting radio show hosts to sleep. Check out the video of Mickey Gall making this radio personality snore like a walrus on camera:

 Talk about brutal, that guy was lucky he didn’t snap his neck! Of course reporters and fans alike have always been obsessed with getting beat up by their favorite fighters, as displayed by this dude that begs Nick Diaz to blast him with one of his punches:

 It’s certainly a growing fascination, getting beat up by your favorite fighters, and it’s not limited to the two videos you’ve just seen. Remember when a group of boy band-esque yuppies showed up at Miesha Tate’s gym to throw down with her?

This is perhaps the most satisfying example of fans vs. a fighter you’ll ever see. Thanks for stopping by, be sure to stay tuned to LowKick for more MMA and UFC news and coverage.