VIDEO: Jake Paul & Tommy Fury Exchange Words Backstage After Woodley Fight

Jake Paul

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury had an altercation backstage following the Tyron Woodley fight.

Earlier tonight (Aug. 29), Paul and Woodley went one-on-one in Cleveland, Ohio. The two went the distance in their eight-round pro boxing match. Paul won the fight via unanimous decision.

The Paul vs. Woodley PPV card opened up with a bout between Tommy Fury and Anthony Taylor. Fury won the bout via unanimous decision. Paul and Fury have been trading barbs over the past few months.

Paul and Fury had a run-in backstage and you can see the clip below.

Speaking to reporters during the post-fight press conference, Fury said he was close to trading punches with Paul in the heat of the moment.

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“I would say pretty close, I’ve not watched it back but I was ready to throw hands then and there. This man’s all [show for the cameras]. Me and my team will go now … he can count his blessings in the hallway really.”

Fury went on to claim that all of Paul’s security team intervened to protect the YouTuber.

“Forty of his security broke it up because the man can’t fight. He can’t fight. Imagine him in a street fight? Please, he won’t last two seconds.”

During his post-fight interview, Paul initially didn’t commit to his next opponent (h/t Mirror).

“I got eight rounds under my belt, who’s doing that in their fourth pro fight? I’ve been boxing for 18 months, I haven’t been to the dentist, my teeth are crooked, my nose is crooked, I need to take some time. I’m only 24-years-old, I need to find out who I am, I’m changing a lot.”

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That changed when Woodley said he thought he won the fight and called for a rematch. Jake Paul then said he’d give Woodley the bout as long as he follows through on a tattoo bet.