VIDEO | Bruce Buffer Honoured After 25 Years With The UFC

Bruce Buffer

UFC 258 was undoubtedly an impressive night of fights. However just as incredible was the UFC’s tribute to Bruce Buffer. The legendary announcer has now put 25 years into working with the UFC, and his presence has become synonymous with the organization.

The tribute served as a highlight reel for the Buff’s greatest moments. Going back all the way to his first time announcing for the UFC, on the UFC’s 8th ever show. Since that day Buffer has only rising in popularity and is now beloved by MMA fans all across the world. The full video can be seen below:

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Bruce Buffer also had a custom smoking jacket, designed to mark the anniversary of his 25th year as “the veteran voice of the octagon.” The custom lining showcased the veteran announcer’s journey over the past 25 years.

Buffer could be seen to be visibly emotional after the tribute was played.

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Buffer’s incredible work for the UFC is undoubtedly much appreciated by all fans of the sport. There will never be another announcer like him. With luck the Buff will continue plying his trade for the UFC for many years yet to come.

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