Valentina Shevchenko is the UFC flyweight champion and is currently undefeated at flyweight with an MMA record of 22-3. 

Shevchenko avenged her first loss against Liz Carmouche, her only other two losses are against the UFC bantamweight/featherweight champion and pound for pound great Amanda Nunes. 

The 125lb queen has branched out into Hollywood by being recruited into the movie industry with her role in the upcoming movie, Bruised. 

Berry recently revealed that ‘Bullet’ broke two of her ribs while filming the movie.

Shevchenko was initially against hitting the Oscar-winning actress for real but was persuaded to do so with disastrous consequences.

“Her main idea for the fight scenes, it has to be real,” Schevchenko told MMA Fighting. “It has to be a real fight. As real as possible. Sometimes she was in the training, she was like ‘Valentina, you have to hit me harder’ and I’m like ‘Halle, I’m not sure’ and she said ‘you have to hit me, I have to feel that.’ I was like OK, I’ll do my best.”

Valentina Shevchenko Delayed A Fight To Film Bruised

Shevchenko revealed that the opportunity to star in a movie along Berry was too big to pass up and as a result, she asked to delay one of her UFC fights for the first time in her career.

“Who would say no if Halle Berry is calling you? It’s not a question!” Shevchenko said. “At that moment, we were in Australia. We were in Australia and it was our travel that we do all the time and I got the offer to have my fight, to fight for the title in Australia and it was the only one time I said give me a little bit more time.

“Because I knew it’s kind of like it will be in the same time when I have to prepare for the movie and I will have to prepare for the fight. It was the only time when I asked the UFC to have a different date for me.”

Shevchenko plays the Invicta FC champion in the film and acts as a final antagonist for Halle Berry’s character.

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