UFC Stockholm Results: Makwan Amirkhani Submits Chris Fishgold

Makwan Amirkhani
Mandatory Credit: Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports
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Featherweights Makwan Amirkhani and Chris Fishgold continue the action at UFC Stockholm next.

Round 1:

Amirkhani opens up the bout right away with a flying knee attempt. An unintentional eye poke on Fishgold temporarily stops the action. Leg kicks from Fishgold temporarily take Amirkhani’s leg out from under him. Amirkhani catches Fishgold coming in nicely for a takedown into full guard.

A nice scramble attempt from Fishgold but Amirkhani maintains top position on the ground. The round comes to an end with a choke attempt form Amirkhani.

Round 2:

A nice overhand right to the chest lands for Fishgold. A hard jab from Fishgold lands as well. A hard kick to the groin lands from Amirkhani to Fishgold. The action comes to a temporary halt. A takedown attempt from Amirkhani and Fishgold locks in a choke attempt. Amirkhani switches over to get top position in half guard.

Amirkhani locks in an anaconda choke, the pair spin in a circle for quite some time before Fishgold is forced to tap.

Official Result: Makwan Amirkhani def. Chris Fishgold via R2 submission (anaconda choke, 4:25)

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