It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Sunday, January 14th, 2018) will come from in the form of UFC St. Louis. Headlining the card are Jeremy Stephens and Doo Ho Choi, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

James Krause vs. Alex White in a lightweight bout closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1. In round 1, White is aggressive early w/ Krause playing the matador. White has landed hard upstairs on a couple of occasions, now hits the body. Krause covers a shot with a jab. White stuffs it but Krause is sticking him to the cage and trying to trip his leg out. He finally gets the takedown. White has his back on the cage but Krause is climbing up his legs. Krause briefly traps an arm and lands several hard shots. Krause takes the back. White is able to get his back to the floor and reclaim half guard but Krause advances to side control, then north-south for a moment. In round 2, Krause goes to the body but White responds with a hard combo, some of which lands. Krause lands a hard counter right on the charging White. Krause sets up in the full guard. White keeping his guard closed despite how close he is to the cage. Needs to open up and try to wall-walk. White shifts his hips for an armbar but Krause avoids it easily and uses the chance to pass to side control. White’s feet are on the cage, north-south now. White kicks Krause away and he ducks under for his own takedown as Krause tries to press back forward. Krause threatens to sweep and they’re up. Krause has a cut under his right eye. In round 3, White pressing again, Krause slipping and back-pedaling. A hook seems to drop Krause to a knee. Krause drops down for a double but can’t get it and White turns him around on the cage. White disengages and wings haymakers Krause ducks under. White stuffs another shot, finally gets free, and hits Krause hard. White is stuffing shots easier now and tagging Krause. Krause ties up and tries a flying armbar and nearly hits it! White escaped it, got on top, but Krause is able to sweep to top. White stuck on his back again. Krause in full guard. White shifts his hips and tries armbar/triangle but he’s not close. Krause rides out the round on top, lands a couple hard hammerfists. Krause got the decision win.

Marco Polo Reyes vs Matt Frevola is next in a lightweight bout. In round 1, Frevola opens with body kicks and tries punching into the pocket but Reyes is tagging him and knocks his mouthpiece out. Reyes is tagging him and knocks him out cold with a right hand counter.

Talita Bernardo vs. Irene Aldana in a female bantamweight bout is next. In round 1, Aldana measuring with her jab and she lands a nice right hand. Bernardo tries Hendo-style inside leg kick to overhand. Another Aldana right lands in an exchange. Aldana turns Bernardo’s chin around with another cross. No shot yet from the Brazilian and she’s getting peppered by long punches. Aldana wobbles Bernardo with a flush right. Bernardo shoots as Aldana pursues her. Aldana reverses her straight into mount but nearly gets swept. Bernardo clings to Aldana as the Mexican tries to disengage from the grappling exchange. Aldana hits a beautiful hip toss but again tries getting away as Bernardo tries tying her up. In round 2, Uppercut then a jab from Aldana start the round. Bernardo sends a head kick her way but has it blocked. Aldana is battering Bernardo so far. Low single from Bernardo. Aldana is able to largely stuff the initial attempt but Bernardo is like a dog with a bone and won’t let go. She adjusts to a double and consolidates top position. Aldana able to reclaim guard after Bernardo initially sets up in side control. Aldana elbows and nearly gets up but Bernardo threatens a back-take. More elbows from and punches from Aldana. Bernardo unable to mount any offense so far. Finally she postures up and lets her hands go, Aldana looks to upkick. In round 3, Aldana comes out with a low stance pumping her jab. She stuffs the first shot of the rd. Bernardo tries a kick but it’s slow/blocked. Aldana is throwing much less this round. When she finally starts letting her hands go, she has to fend off a takedown. But she’s back to throwing now right after. Bernardo bites down and lands a pair of nice shots. Aldana answers with a right. Bernardo looks for a takedown, might’ve been rocked on the entry. Aldana on top at first but Bernardo sweeps to top. Aldana got the decision win.

Kyung Ho Kang vs. Guido Cannetti in a bantamweight opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary bouts. In round 1, Cannetti lands a big left hand and shucks off Kang’s desperation shot, landing on top in guard. He doesn’t do anything and Kang is up. They trade kicks. Cannetti just misses on a wheel kick. Kang continues stalking. He tries punching into the pocket but eats a few shots and after a brief tie-up Cannetti gets away. They tie up and now Kang gets a takedown right into mount with a minute left. Cannetti has his arms tied up and bleeds clock. Kang just misses a massive elbow. Kang rolls to his back for a triangle. Cannetti picks him up bodily and rests him against the cage like Matt Hughes. No slam, they go to the ground, Kang gets the tap with seconds left.

Jessica Eye vs. Kalindra Faria in a female flyweight bout finishes off the UFC Fight Pass preliminary card. In round 1, Eye lands a stiff cross in the initial exchange in the pocket. Faria is kicking, landing a front kick then has a body kick blocked. Head kick rocks Eye. Faria follows a dazed Eye to the ground, gets right into mount. But Eye grabs a leg and has a tight ankle lock. Faria counters with her own. Stalemated. aria is able to get on top and land a few shots. Eye is back to attacking a leg, forcing Faria off her. Eye selling out for the ankle lock, not sweeping to top. In round 2, Faria follows a front kick into the clinch but Eye turns her around on the cage. She swings around to the back, drags Faria down on top of her and it actually works, getting both hooks in. Eye hunting the rear-naked choke on her back at the base of the cage. She switches to a body triangle. Faria fending it off so far. In round 3, Faria starts the round with a sidekick to the leg of Eye, who lands a cross. Faria hits a knee as the pocket closes. Kicks/knees for Faria. Eye pumping the jab but not much other offense. Faria hits a sidekick to the face that dislodges Eye’s mouthpiece. Eye lands a cross. Faria darts in and lands a pair of punches upstairs. Faria’s movement and lunging/jumping strikes are keeping Eye off-balance. Eye scored the decision win.

Danielle Taylor vs. JJ Aldrich is next in a strawweight bout. In round 1, Taylor comes in and lands a body shot, hook upstairs. JJ responds with a nice 1-2 that lands clean. JJ keeping Taylor at bay with her jab. Taylor hits JJ to the body again with a cross, then ducks under JJ’s straight left. JJ not quite in range for her 1-2 but Taylor backs off. Taylor ducks under for another body shot before coming upstairs with a hook. JJ responds by tying up and looking for a takedown. She trips Taylor down, JJ on top in half guard. Not producing offense but sealing this round up. She finally postures up and lands a few lefts. In round 2, Aldrich is looking crisp in this matchup, defending and countering effectively. Taylor isn’t doing a good job of no-selling when she gets hit, flinching away every time. Aldrich snaps a jab after eating an outside leg kick. Taylor has been made gunshy by these counters. Taylor finally lands a hard hook to the grill. Taylor pecks with leg kicks as JJ keeps her 1-2 cocked and ready. JJ tries tying up and Taylor punches her way out. JJ with body kick, cross. In round 3, Taylor lands an inside leg kick but JJ jabs her back. Aldrich smashes Taylor with a spinning back-fist that buckles her legs again. Aldrich is putting on a clinic. She’s not landing a ton but she has effectively rendered Taylor’s offense moot. Both women land power shots but Aldrich prevents Taylor from following up, keeping the jab in her face. Aldrich kicking more this round too. Aldrich picked up the unanimous decision win.

Opening the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Mike Santiago vs. Mads Burnell in a featherweight bout. In round 1, Burnell peppers Santiago with left hands (not very hard) then passes to side control. Santiago gets his hips to the fence and up, fighting off Burnell’s front choke attempt. Burnell is sticking to Santiago, looking for a double. Santiago shucks him and sprawls, winding up on top briefly. Standing guillotine now for Santiago. Santiago lands some nice knees, one to the face of Burnell as he looks for high-elbow guillotine. Burnell fights it off and doggedly pursues the takedown. Santiago turns Burnell on the cage and gets his own takedown but has to fight out of a tight guillotine. No danger as he had cleared the legs. Santiago ground and pound. Burnell works up but Santiago is clinging to his neck. Burnell drops down to free himself and he starts attacking a kneebar.In round 2, Burnell opens round 1 with overhand rights but gets stumbled by a pair of Santiago leg kicks. They bang in the pocket, Burnell lands a nice left hook. Santiago gets a takedown and is alternately threatening with ground and pound and front chokes. Half guard now, maintaining top position. Burnell attacking a leg and eats a backfist but he’s able to get on top. Santiago fights up, lands a vicious knee but Burnell lands a takedown. Burnell transitions to full back mount and he’s dropping punches b/t choke attempts. Santiago turns over and reclaims half guard. Santiago nearly got himself Von Flue’d but Burnell jumped back to mount and started dropping shots. Back mount, rear-naked attempt to end the round. In round 3, Santiago fends off the takedown against the cage but Burnell is sticking to him, landing mild shots. Burnell changes levels for a double leg and gets it. Burnell in half guard. Santiago tries kicking away, then turning into Burnell but Mads stays heavy. Burnell’s punches aren’t hard, lands a nice elbow. Santiago looks too tired to scramble and get up at this point. He’s reduced to striking from his back and occasionally pushing away, but no get-up. Brunell picked up the unanimous decision win.

Here are the results:


Lightweight: James Krause def. Alex White via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Lightweight: Marco Polo Reyes def. Matt Frevola by knockout (punch) at 1:00 of Round 1

Female Bantamweight: Irene Aldana def. Talita Bernardo by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bantamweight: Ho Kang def. Guido Cannetti by submission (triangle choke) at 4:53 of Round 1

PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass/6:30 p.m. ET)

Female Flyweight: Jessica Eye def. Kalindra Faria via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Strawweight: JJ Aldrich def. Danielle Taylor via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Featherweight: Mads Burnell def. Mike Santiago via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)