UFC San Antonio Results: Leon Edwards Out-Classes Rafael dos Anjos

Leon Edwards

In the main event of UFC San Antonio, former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos takes on Leon Edwards at welterweight.

Round 1:

Edwards gets the takedown early. “RDA” throws a nice elbow from the bottom. Edwards maneuvers his way into half guard, but “RDA” is in a favorable location against the cage. RDA” gets to his feet but Edwards still has the back clinch. Edwards separates with a head kick. Now “RDA” clinches Edwards against the cage but they separate quickly. Edwards lands an inside elbow followed by a left hand. The round comes to an end with another Edwards elbow.

Round 2:

Edwards opens up with a leg kick. A nice jab connects for Edwards. “RDA” is struggling to make anything happen inside. Edwards shoots in on a takedown against the cage. “RDA” separates but eats an inside elbow from Edwards. Dos Anjos pushes Edwards against the cage, but they separate and “RDA” eats a jab.

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Dos Anjos is busted open above his eye now. Edwards goes for a roll but “RDA” ends up on top. Edwards is able to get up after a scramble. The round comes to an end.

Round 3:

“RDA” shoots in on a takedown against the cage but Edwards defends nicely. They clinch briefly but Edwards separates with an elbow and follows up with a hook. A very nice combination lands for Edwards. A hard takedown attempt from dos Anjos, but Edwards is able to take control and presses “RDA” against the cage. The referee breaks them up. Edwards lands an uppercut. Another takedown attempt from “RDA” is unsuccessful. The round ends.

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Round 4:

Dos Anjos connects with a nice jab but eats a combination from Edwards. Another nice combination connects for Edwards. “RDA” lands a left hand but Edwards responds with a hook. Edwards connects on an overhand left. Dos Anjos connects with a body shot and hook. A huge takedown form Edwards off an overextension from “RDA.” Dos Anjos scrambles to his feet but Edwards is stuck to him. The round comes to an end.

Round 5:

Edwards with a nice leg kick. Some nice body shots connect for dos Anjos inside. “RDA” punches his way inside and goes for a takedown on Edwards. Edwards is too strong for him and takes dominant position. They separate. Edwards tries to take “RDA” down and take his back, but he defends nicely. Dos Anjos uses a kimura attempt to break it up. A nice jab connects for dos Anjos.

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A nice left hand connects for dos Anjos, and he follows up with a leg kick. “RDA” is picking up the pace now. A body kick lands for “RDA,” but Edwards catches the leg and hops to the cage for a takedown attempt. He gets the takedown but “RDA” is right back up. “RDA” goes for a flying knee but he’s taken down. The round comes to an end, and that’s the fight.

Official Result: Leon Edwards def. Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46)