UFC on FOX 28 Preliminary Card Results: Brian Kelleher Decisions Renan Barao


It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Saturday, February 24, 2018) will come from in the form of UFC on FOX 28. Headlining the card are Josh Emmett and Jeremy Stephens, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

Renan Barao vs. Brian Kelleher in a bantamweight bout closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1 in what should be an interesting fight. In round 1, They jockey inside and trade knees until ref Dan Miragliotta breaks them up. Kelleher is swinging his right hook and clips Barao, nearly knocking him down. Barao ties up again but can’t get the takedown and he defends Kelleher’s advances to the end of the round. In round 2, Barao slightly gets the better of the early exchanges until Kelleher ties him up. Neither guy can get his wrestling going at all and instead we get a stalemate. Kelleher hits a left hook and a leg kick before tying Barao up again. After an extended clinch Kelleher gets a takedown for a moment before Barao pops up. Kelleher lands another sweeping right hook before they clinch again. In round 3, Barao scoring with his leg kicks again. Kelleher hits a spinning backfist and shoots a moment later but Barao stuffs it and disengages. Uppercut lands for Kelleher. Barao is shelling up a lot and is standing right in front of Kelleher. They’re both landing but Kelleher getting the better. Barao gets the Thai clinch and hits a knee and an elbow as Kelleher tries to punch his way out. Now they’re clinched on the cage again. Barao turns Kelleher around, lands a knee and breaks off. Kelleher is swinging hammers and landing on the stationary Barao, even if some are blocked. Barao’s back is to the fence and he’s trying to slip the bombs and fire back his own but he’s getting the worst of it, eating several haymakers flush. The judges gave the win to Kelleher.

Sara McMann vs. Marion Reneau is next in a female bantamweight bout. In round 1, McMann looking to flurry again. Reneau doing well to counter. McMann pushes forward, gets caught by an uppercut and slams Reneau down right into side control. McMann gets the mounted crucifix and she’s landing a lot of hard short hooks from top control. McMann having top control all hear way so far through round 1. Keeping Reneau down, landing shots. In round 2, Reneau is flashing the jab to start the round trying to maintain distance. She isn’t getting any effective offense off. McMann lands a left. Reneau hits a huge counter left that drops McMann and she goes into desperation wrestler mode. Wow what a shot from Reneau. McMann is throwing hard shots in between tie-up attempts but Reneau is looking to stalk. McMann hits a takedown now but right into a triangle. Reneau elbowing from her back and pulling down on the head. McMann riding it out but eventually tapped.

Angela Hill vs. Maryna Moroz is next in a female strawweight bout. In round 1, Moroz flicking out long kicks to keep Hill at bay but nothing landing. Hill steps in with a right hand, then a 1-2. Cross, leg kick for Hill. Moroz throwing but not much landing. Whiffs on a spinning back kick. Moroz with a side kick but she eats a flush right. Hill shucks off a half-hearted takedown attempt. Hill body kick then leg kick. Moroz ties up but Hill turns her into the cage and hits a knee before backing out. Another overhand right lands for Hill. Hill blocks a head kick but a left gets through for Moroz. Hill briefly seems to look for a takedown on the cage but she bails on it. In round 2, The right continues to land clean for Hill but Moroz scores with dirty boxing in a tie-up. Front kick pushes Moroz back. Moroz keeping the long kicks and punches going but if they land Hill is on the very end of them. Rights for Hill. In round 3, Hill scores with a pair of leg kicks to start the round. Moroz continues to fire offense out there that isn’t really landing. Nice push kick, but Hill with another overhand. Hill catches a kick and sweeps the leg but Moroz is only down a second. Hill landing left hooks now to go along with her rights, Moroz with front kicks to the body. Hill got the decision win.

Ben Saunders vs. Alan Jouban in a welterweight bout opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary bouts. In round 1, Jouban swings his left hand but doesn’t quite connect, follows it with a high kick. He’s chopping into Saunders’ lead leg. Killa B stalking, lands a couple rights. Jouban kick strays low but Saunders shakes it off. Jouban is getting backed to the fence too much. He blocks a head kick. Saunders right lands again. Jouban tears into Saunders’ lead leg then a left cross wobbles Saunders. They trade in close quarters, punches and elbows flying. Jouban with a nice check right hook. Low blow from Saunders halts the action. Jouban front kick rattles Saunders. He drops him with several left hands, an uppercut and cross in there. Saunders recovers and Jouban lets him up. In round 2, Jouban jacks him up with a combo and they mix it up with knees and elbows in the clinch. Saunders lands a pair of crosses as Jouban retreats but Jouban returns fire. They continue to trade on the inside with elbows. One final flush Jouban cross crumples Saunders.

Marcin Prachnio vs. Sam Alvey in a light heavyweight bout finishes off the UFC Fight Pass preliminary card. In round 1, Prachnio is poking with leg kicks then tries a wheel kick but Alvey catches and Alvey goes for a takedown! He gets on top briefly then wraps the neck as Prachnio gets up. Alvey still has the neck wrapped up as Prachnio drives him to the cage and knees the legs and finally breaks away. Prachnio is hesitant to engage, he’s feinting a lot. Alvey throws a head kick and Prachnio ties up and looks for a knee. Both men land crosses as Alvey backs to the cage. Alvey lands a pair of low leg kicks, the second of which staggers Prachnio. He goes there again and the Pole goes to the body. Alvey rocks him then puts him down.

Rani Yahya vs. Russell Doane is next in a bantamweight bout. In round 1, Yahya gets a quick takedown. Yahya hitting knees to the chest as he has Doane trapped in this half nelson-ish position. Yahya finally lets it go just over a min left. He’s in side control now. Doane turns away and Yahya hits a couple knees to the back and the ref stops the action, stands them up. Yahya circles and Doane follows but doesn’t let his hands go at all. In round 2, Yahya takes the back now, body triangle. He peppers Doane with right hands. Doane tries to spike Yahya on his head right at the end of the frame.In round 3, Doane stalking Yahya. He throws a body kick which gets caught. Doane stuffs the takedown attempt and gets on top but Yahya reverses to top a moment later. Yahya framing up an arm-triangle. He gets his legs free and gets to the correct side and the tap comes a moment later.

Eric Shelton vs. Alex Peres is next in a flyweight bout. In round 1, Perez opens with a leg kick but he eats a right hand a moment later. Perez pressuring a bit and lands two kicks but Shelton hits another right hand counter. Perez lands a nice cross and Shelton shoots a moment later. Perez sprawls on it and he gets on top. Perez working elbows from open guard. Shelton trying to control posture, finally rolls backward and gets up. Perez greets him with a leg kick. Perez working elbows from open guard. Shelton trying to control posture, finally rolls backward and gets up. Perez greets him with a leg kick. Perez with a counter cross then a leg kick. Shelton catches the kick and hits a nice knee to the body. Perez continues to stalk. Perez with a step-in elbow and a combination that has Shelton backing up. Shelton seems out of sorts. He stuffs a shot after hitting a knee. In round 2, Shelton hits his own and stuffs a takedown. Perez goes for another takedown and muscles Shelton to his back this time. Shelton gets his back to the cage but Perez has control of his legs. Shelton trying to work up but he keeps getting dragged down. In round 3, Perez is feinting and Shelton is looking for his right. Perez with a leg kick then he grabs a single and rips Shelton down. Shelton works to the cage but he’s eating short shots. Shelton able to get to his feet and get away this time. Shelton is outlanding but it’s not enough. He lands a pair of nice rights. Perez picked up the decision win.

Opening the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Albert Morales vs. Manny Bermudez in a bantamweight bout. In round 1, Morales rocks Bermudez with a right hand and the debutante shoots immediately, and he gets it, moving to mount quickly. Morales is able to turn over into guard but Bermudez has him ensnared in a triangle and he’s trying to lock it up, adjusting. Morales gives the thumbs up as Bermudez pulls down on the head trying to finish. Bermudez opens it up and Morales is looking to pass to half. Bermudez working on an omoplata now but he’s not using it to sweep so they’re stalemated for now. Morales tries to hop over and Bermudez briefly goes for guillotine, then back-take but Morales goes to his back. Morales able to reclaim guard then kick off and get up. Bermudez rushes forward to clinch but Morales takes him down into half guard. Hard hammerfists. Bermudez now wraps the neck and uses it to get on top and drop an elbow at the bell. In round 2, Morales opens the round with another hard right. He stuffs a shot with an elbow and makes Bermudez stand. Then again. Right hand lands for Bermudez and he follows it with a shot. It’s stuffed but he wraps the neck, pulls guard, rolls to mount, gets the tap. 

Here are the results:


Bantamweight: Brian Kelleher def. Renan Barao via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Female Bantamweight: Marion Reneau def. Sara McMann by submission (triangle choke) at 3:40 of Round 2

Female Strawweight: Angela Hill def. Maryna Moroz by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Welterweight: Alan Jouban def. Ben Saunders by knockout (punch) at 2:38 of Round 2


Light Heavyweight: Sam Alvey def. Marcin Prachnio via KO (punch) at 4:32 of R1

Flyweight: Rani Yahya def. Russell Doane by submission (arm-triangle choke) at 2:32 of Round 3

Light Heavyweight: Alex Perez def. Eric Shelton by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Bantamweight: Manny Bermudez def. Albert Morales via submission (guillotine choke) at 2:33 of R2