Demian Maia meets Anthony Rocco Martin in a welterweight contest next on the main card of UFC Minneapolis.

Round 1:

Maia goes in on a single leg takedown against the cage. Maia is able to drag him down, but Martin scrambles to the cage. Now, Maia is controlling the legs in an attempt to sit down on Martin in mount. Maia is able to mount Martin as he’s still sitting against the cage. Some ground-and-pound from Maia as he tries to move Martin down the the canvas.

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Martin eats some liver shots and is able to get his legs free from Maia’s lock. Martin stands to his feet now and gets dominant position on Maia against the cage. Now Martin is able to get some separation, and we’re striking again. The round comes to an end.

Round 2:

Martin gets a nice right hand and head kick before stuffing a Maia takedown attempt. Another right hand lands for Martin, and Maia shoots in on a takedown attempt. A takedown from Maia, a beautiful reversal from Martin, who gets taken down immediately as they get back to their feet. Sat down against the cage again is Martin, as Maia attempts to establish dominant position.

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Martin gets up to his feet, but Maia gets him right back down again. Maia mounts Martin again, but he’s still seated against the cage. More liver shots from Maia. The referee stands things up surprisingly, and Martin is right in on a takedown, tries to lock in a choke, but fails as the round ends.

Round 3:

Martin has a head kick blocked as both men circle around the Octagon. Another head kick is blocked. Maia continues to circle and avoid any shots from Martin, who is having a head kick blocked every now and then. Maia has two takedown attempts stuffed. A right hand from Martin lands and rocks Maia a bit.

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Maia pulls guard and Martin is going for broke, but with not enough time left. The round comes to an end.

Official Result: Demian Maia def. Anthony Rocco Martin via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)