UFC Boise Preliminary Card Results: Alejandro Perez Decisions Eddie Wineland

UFC Boise Prelims

It’s once again fight day here at LowKickMMA, and the talent on display tonight (Saturday, July 14, 2018) will come from in the form of UFC Boise. Headlining the card are Junior dos Santos and Blagoy Ivanov, but there’s a whole bunch of great fights also taking place on the preliminary section of the card.

Eddie Wineland vs. Alejandro Perez in a bantamweight bout closes the preliminary card on FOX Sports 1 in what should be an interesting fight. In round 1, an entertaining opening round that sees both men landing clean punches. Wineland landed a few sharper shots and dropped Perez. In round 2, they continue to throw hard punches an Wineland is cut around his left eye. Still, Wineland is landing the cleaner blows. Another close round but Wineland edges Perez again with better punches. In round 3, another close round, though it was the slowest round of the fight as both fighters didn’t do a lot of action but still productive. In the end, the judges gave Perez the decision win.

Darren Elkins vs. Alexander Volkanovski is next in a featherweight bout. In round 1, Volkanovsky sinks in a deep guillotine but Elkins is able to finally escape out of it. Elkins is cut over his right eye as well. Volkanovski blasts Elkins with a right and drops him. He misses the ensuing guillotine. Another massive right to the jaw and Elkins is nearly out. Volkanovski wraps up another guillotine but times expires.In round 2, Volkanovski lands a head kick Elkins swarms forward with hooks and eats a huge right hand that wobbles him again. Volkanovski pushing forward behind power shots. Elkins trying to counter with uppercuts in the clinch. Volkanovski with a headkick and Elkins tries to swarm behind it. Elkins lands an overhand right and a left. Volkanovski bulls to the clinch and throws a combo on the exit. Elkins rushes forward and lands a body kick.  Volkanovski has Elkins on rubber legs again, but Elkins is still throwing inside, looking to stay dangerous. In round 3, Left hook from Elkins caught Volkanovski off guard. Volkanovski lands his own left that stumbles Elkins. Elkins is bleeding badly and Volkanovski just scored a powerful takedown two minutes into the third. Volkanovski bulls forward as Elkins gets up, dives for a takedown and Elkins looks for his neck. Clinch breaks and they’re back to range. Volkanovski got the decision win.

Justin Scoggins vs. Said Nurmagomedov is next in a flyweight bout. In round 1, Nice counter 1-2 from Said as Scoggins was doing just a little too much useless spinning. Said spins and gets cracked by a hook and dropped briefly, but he’s back up.ice low kick from Scoggins and he’s doing well to stay elusive and off the cage. Said shoots for a takedown and has the body lock against the fence. Scoggins breaks it back to range. Spinning back kick from Scoggins gives up a single leg to Said, but Scoggins scrambles out and gets back to range after eating a couple shots in the clinch. In round 2, Scoggins with a lowkick and had a chance for a backtake on a bad shot from Said, but he’s staying away from scrambles. Smart considering how often he’s been caught there. ody kick from Scoggins, Said chases and Scoggins slips to land a 1-2 that drops Said briefly again. Said takes a bad shot outside and Scoggins stuffs it to land a hammerfist, back to range and Scoggins sticking and moving. NIce right hand to left hook inside from Scoggins, Said staying after him in the pocket, trying to sit down on power and catch Scoggins exiting. In round 3, Saud finally gets a takedown early in the third. It’s now or never to take this fight over. Nice elbow from Said, he’s looking to posture and land ground and pound. Scoggins looking to shift his hips and find some way to get up, now he’s resigned to just clinging on. Referee with a pretty quick stand up there. Scoggins looking for sweet chin music. And lands a counter right hand as Said steps in.  Nurmagomedov got the decision win.

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Kurt Holobaugh vs. Raoni Barcelos in a featherweight bout opens the FOX Sports 1 preliminary bouts. In round 1, arcelos and Holobaugh are swinging for the fences, each landing some powerful punches. Good stuff early. Holobaugh starting to put his combos together. Body kick to right hook. Pumping his jab, working different areas and tempos. Barcelos head hunting but throwing pure fastballs. Barcelos scores a takedown and then nearly secures a guillotine as time expires.In round 2, Holobaugh working behind his jab. Barcelos lands a right hand in a combo of power strikes. Big left hooks traded. Nice uppercut for Barcelos. Holobaugh keeps his guard high and counters with a hook. Barcelos shoots after a prolonged exchange and Holobaugh is on his back looking to play guard. Barcelos seems like he’s found the gap in Holobaugh’s game. Holobaugh back up and working the clinch. Barcelos dancing outside and looks for a spin kick, but Holobaugh clinches him and takes his back. In round 3, Holobaugh and Barcelos right back to trading in combination in the pocket to start. Barcelos rocks Holobaugh with a huge left hook and then his follow-up punches rubberize his legs. A huge right to the face ends it.

Liz Carmouche vs. Jennifer Maia in a female flyweight bout finishes off the UFC Fight Pass preliminary card. In round 1, Carmouche comes out throwing hooks. Maia with a low kick. It’s on Carmouche to keep pressure on. Assert her physicality. Long right hand from Maia, Carmouche counters with the jab. 3 punch combo from Carmouche and she snuck a right hand in. Maia looks like she hasn’t quite found range yet. Maia starting to pump the jab to find range and she’s landing her overhand right now.In round 2, Nice right hook from Carmouche as Maia looked to step inside. Maia trying to find range on her right hand again. Right hand from Maia lands that time. Carmouche happy to wait and look for counters. Maia with a long straight to the body. Right lands for Maia, but Carmouche with a nice inside leg kick. Maia with a nice combo, ended with her right hand. Carmouche got caught backing straight up. Maia with a combo into the clinch. Ate a counter hook, but she’s got Carmouche in a body lock on the cage. Nice uppercut from Carmouche, gets Maia committed to a counter and dipped in for a big takedown into side control. In round 3, Carmouche with a nice jab as Maia tries to walk her down. Maia tried to adjust her sports bra and Carmouche just rushed her for a takedown. Cold blooded, but smart. Maia works for a kneebar, Carmouche jumps up and wrestles Maia back down and into guard as Maia tries to stand. Maia tries to throw up an armbar, Carmouche uses it to pass to side control and right into mount. Slick stuff. Carmouche using mount to posture and land shots, while threatening the rear-naked choke. Maia tries to shrimp, but eats a couple elbows to the head and is forced back to guard. Trying to throw her legs up and create a sub, but Carmouche is staying tight and uses it to sweep to a front headlock. Maia up and in space. Carmouche got the decision win.

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Mark de la Rosa vs. Elias Garcia is next in a bantamweight bout. In round 1, Garcia on the back foot after the opening seconds. Leading with a lot of kicks, looking for long left hands. Garcia on the back foot after the opening seconds. Leading with a lot of kicks, looking for long left hands. Rosa pushes forward with a long boxing flurry and gets the clinch. Garcia trying to create space with his knee, but doesn’t fight underhooks and gets thrown to the mat. Garcia eats a couple elbows off his back and throws up a triangle. Rosa picks him up and spins him off again. Rosa with a body kick standing and he’s pressuring more comfortably now. In round 2, Garcia lunges into the pocket, misses and eats a counter. Nice long 1-2 from Garcia out at range and a body kick too. Rosa eats a couple hooks and swarms forward on Garcia with a flurry, into the clinch. Rosa takes Garcia’s back, slithers up to his neck and secures the rear-naked choke, forcing the tap.

Opening the UFC Fight Pass prelims is Jessica Aguilar vs. Jodie Esquibel in a women’s strawweight bout. In round 1, Aguilar with a brief single leg takedown off the cage. Esquibel back up, but Aguilar working to pull her down again… can’t quite get it. Back to the clinch and Aguilar drops for a nice double leg again. Esquibel able to scramble and reverse the body lock, but it’s on her to out-work Aguilar here. Right now Aguilar is doing all the throwing and work. Esquibel starting to let her hands go with combinations now. She’s the better boxer and harder puncher. She has to keep that output up. Big clinch knee lands for Aguilar. Esquibel throwing a 3 punch combo that falls short, Aguilar immediately jumps in with a pair of stiff right hands. Esquibel runs forward with a combo and lands something on the end of it. In round 2, Aguilar pushes forward with a right hand, but Esquibel answers back with a solid combo. Aguilar would do well to work the clinch again, that’s where Esquibel appears to really check out. Couple clinch strikes for Aguilar and she gets caught reaching for it again. She’s not setting up her clinch entries, just putting both arms out, which leaves her chin exposed. Front kick from Esquibel and they’re trading single shots. Brief clinch by Aguilar but she’s falling behind this round as Esquibel has filled more space with volume. Clinch knee from Aguilar, and a long right hand. Nice jab too. But Esquibel likely has the edge this round so far. Good clinch knee from Aguilar again. And another. Esquibel goes for the double but ends up in the clinch where both women trade knees. In round 3, both women trade jabs and Aguilar lands a right as she eats a body kick. Both women happy to take their turn striking. Nice clinch knee from Aguilar and she’s got Esquibel on the fence where she can peck away with knees to the body. Esquibel breaks the clinch with a hard knee and lands an uppercut. Aguilar catches her coming in with a clinch knee and lands a right hand. Esquibel dives back in with a combo. squibel with a shot and tries to come over with a hook. Aguilar clinches, puts her on the fence and they trade knees to the body. The judges gave the win to Aguilar.

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Here are the results:


Bantamweight: Alejandro Perez def. Eddie Wineland via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3) R3, 5:00

Featherweight: Alexander Volkanovski def. Darren Elkins via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Flyweight: Said Nurmagomedov def. Justin Scoggins by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Featherweight: Raoni Barcelos def. Kurt Holobaugh via TKO (Punches) 1:29, R3

PRELIMINARY CARD (UFC Fight Pass/6:30 p.m. ET)

Female Flyweight: Liz Carmouche def. Jennifer Maia by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Bantamweight: Mark De La Rosa def. Elias Garcia via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:00 of R2

Strawweight: Jessica Aguilar def. Jodie Esquibel via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)