Tyson Fury Claims Darren Till Will Begin Training Him In MMA This Weekend

Tyson Fury
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It looks like Tyson Fury’s mixed martial arts (MMA) training will begin this weekend.

The boxing lineal heavyweight champion took to Twitter and revealed he’ll be training with UFC middleweight competitor, and former welterweight title challenger, Darren Till, over the weekend.

“Good news everybody, I’m going to go training with Darren Till this weekend, we’re going to smash it!” Fury said. “He’s going to get me started on my MMA career!”

Fury has been talking about a potential career in MMA for some time now. His talk has picked up so much steam that even former UFC heavyweight title challenger Francis Ngannou is interested in fighting Fury. Ex-NFL star-turned-UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy is also interested in fighting Hardy.

However, one skeptic regarding Fury’s MMA aspirations is UFC president Dana White. He simply can’t understand why Fury would want to venture into MMA given his current success inside the boxing ring.

“Tyson Fury had a tough time in his last fight in a boxing match. Coming over to MMA is a whole ‘nother story,” White said. “… Listen, anything’s possible. If Tyson Fury wants to fight in MMA, I’ve got a ton of guys that would love to fight him.

“I just don’t know why. I can’t wrap my head around why. …He’s an incredible fighter. Promoted the right way, [he] could be a part of three or four of the biggest fights in heavyweight [boxing] history. Why come over here and get smashed when you could stay there? Tyson Fury, your time is now. You’re the man in boxing. You’re one of the top four guys in the world in boxing. Why even think of coming over here?

What do you think about Fury actually beginning his MMA training with Till this weekend?


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