TUF 28 Finale Results: Kamaru Usman Dominates Rafael Dos Anjos

Photo Credit: Jason Silva for USA TODAY Sports
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The final season of The Ultimate Fighter wraps up this evening as the TUF 28 Finale will crown the final two winners of the show’s history. It all goes down in the city it started in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pearl at the Palms will host the evening’s festivities that will include 13 fights in total.

The main event of the evening will have future title implications at 170 pounds as Rafael dos Anjos squares off with Kamaru Usman.

The Brazilian has won three of his last four fights but most recently dropped a lopsided decision to then-interim champion Colby Covington.

With a win, Usman may finally get the title fight he has sought after for some time. He started off his career at 1-1 and has since won 12 straight fights.

Round One

Usman takes center Octagon as the fighters trade shots. Usman pushes RDA into the cage. Dos Anjos breaks action and lands a right hand. Usman dips levels and takes RDA down. Dos Anjos gets back to his feet but Usman is keeping clinched to him. The fighters exchange elbows as they break. RDA throws a leg kick and Usman lands a body shot and again closes the distance. He works for another takedown on the Brazilian. RDA vaguely threatening a choke with 60 seconds left. Usman drags RDA down and lands some ground and pound but not before dos Anjos land a big up kick. The round ends.

Round Two

The second round starts with Usman taking center cage again. He presses forward with a combo and again finds himself bullying RDA against the cage. RDA is looking for a plum grip but Usman is too strong for the former champ. Usman is landing knees and foot stomps halfway through the round. Usman drags dos Anjos to the canvas. He ends up in RDA’s guard. Dos Anjos is active off his back and he is going for a kimura. He nearly got it. The fence saved Usman there. RDA uses that to get the fight to the feet. Usman closes the distance and lands another hard elbow. The round ends with a wild flurry by RDA.

Round Three

Dos Anjos opens up with leg kicks and then goes to the body. Usman lands a hard elbow that stuns RDA. Usman drags the Brazilian to the canvas. RDA pops up. The fighters are trading off in the center of the Octagon with the bigger athlete getting the better. Usman goes back to a big takedown and is forced to defend another kimura attempt from RDA. The fight stalls a bit with both guys looking for the upper hand. Just over one minute left in the round Usman lands a knee to dos Anjos’ body. RDA comes alive the last 30 seconds, landing kicks and an uppercut. The bell sounds.

Round Four

The fighters trade some jabs to open up the round. RDA throws a head kick but Usman blocks. RDA going back to the leg kicks. Usman is backing up dos Anjos and putting together his striking nicely here in round four. He takes RDA down to the ground and has a body lock applied. The fight slows. Usman is grinding on RDA and landing some nice left hands but never really in danger of stopping this fight thus far. Usman reigns down a couple of elbows as RDA struggles to find a way out of trouble. Usman follows with some brutal hammer fists. Each round more dominant than the last for Usman.

Round Five

Usman opens up with a one-two and follows it up with an ax-kick that just misses. He immediately clinches RDA and drags him to the ground. Usman is picking his shots with short uppercuts as he lets dos Anjos back up to his feet. He is giving dos Anjos no room to breathe. RDA jumps a guillotine choke but never really had the proper positioning to finish. Usman pops his head out and takes a moment to catch his breath. Usman opens up with some more ground and pound. 30 seconds in the fight and Usman empties the gas tank with some punches. A 25-minute beating by Usman.

  • Kamaru Usman defeatsĀ Rafael dos Anjos via unanimous decision (50-43, 48-47, 49-45)