Top Five Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor Moments

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It wasn’t just the fight between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor that rocked our world, it was the entire package, head-to-toe, and all crammed in to just 11 days. When UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos dropped out of the March 5 UFC 196 main event, unlikely replacement Nate Diaz stepped in to the frame. It would be a welterweight affair, but even so the bookmakers heavily favored the featherweight champion McGregor to take home the victory.

Diaz would throw up the middle finger to the underdog status he’d been labelled with, slapping and clowning ‘The Notorious’ en route to a crazy second round submission win.

Although briefly booked to headline the blockbuster UFC 200 card this coming July 9 weekend, McGregor and Diaz have instead been scheduled to rematch at UFC 202 on August 20. In honor of that amazing first fight and what will no doubt be an insane second scrap, we’ve gone back and selected the top five moments from the Diaz/McGregor rivalry.

From the press conferences, social media rants, all the way to the fight itself and beyond, this rivalry really has it all.


5. Touch Butt In The Park

When Conor McGregor tried to take a stab at Nate Diaz’s training partners during the UFC 196 pre-fight press conference, he didn’t expect to get this response. Blasting McGregor for playing touch butt in the park with ‘the dork with the pony tail’ became an instantly classic moment in MMA history.

Diaz would end up feeding McGregor all his words and more when they met, and the next moment might well be what spurred the Stockton bad boy on to victory.

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