Top 10 Craziest Interviews In MMA History


Mixed martial arts has it’s fair share of colourful, volatile and unpredictable characters who seem to be drawn to the sport like a moth to a flame, and when you put a mic in front of them you have to brace yourself to expect the unexpected.

Of course, these days it’s almost become that norm that things can get a little out of hand at a major press conference or in the heat of the moment in the cage after a fight, but that’s not the focus of this particular article.

Instead we’ll be homing in on what happens when MMA interviews in a more traditional setting go wildly off-script and head down a weird, bizarre, uncomfortable or indeed just downright disturbing path into the heart of Crazyville!

Chuck Liddell On Good Morning Texas

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell had an infamously incoherent interview with WFAA’s Good Morning Texas show back in 2007 to promote the movie ‘300’, which he’d made a cameo appearance in.

Liddell was still at the peak of his fame at the time, coming off what would prove to be his last successful 205-pound title defense against Tito Ortiz.

’The Iceman’ was also a significant party animal back then, and seconds into his interview on the morning show fans were already questioning whether he was drunk or on drugs as he mumbled and slurred his words almost unintelligibly, and then briefly appeared to fall asleep!

It was a hugely embarrassing incident and UFC president Dana White immediately pulled Liddell from any further promotional interviews, while the Nevada State Athletic Commission opted to carry out a random drug test on the champion, which surprisingly came back clear.

Liddell would later claim to the L.A. Times that he had been suffering from pneumonia and a fever, plus he’d taken the prescription sleeping pill Lunesta and a dose of Nyquil to help him get some shut-eye after a late night, despite having to get up early the next morning for the talk show.

”I needed six to eight hours of sleep and only got three,” Liddell said. “They should’ve never got me out of bed.”