Tony Ferguson Survives ‘Hell Week’ with David Goggins: ‘I was there for the rebirth of El Cucuy’

David Goggins

Tony Ferguson is the first athlete to make it through David Goggins’ intense week-long training camp.

Appropriately dubbed “hell week” by the ex-U.S. Navy Seal and ultramarathon runner, Goggins is an extreme athlete known for taking his proteges through a brutal training regimen designed to take them to the limit, and then push beyond it.

Earlier this week, Goggins and Ferguson were seen training alongside one another on social media in a video that sparked a backlash with many online users suggesting that Goggins’ training methods were unhealthy. Goggins snapped back at the “stupid comments” from UFC fans claiming their criticism was fueled by a lack of education on the subject matter.

Well, it now looks like Tony Ferguson’s “hell week” is officially over according to Goggins who once again took to Instagram and revealed that ‘El Cucuy’ is the first athlete to cross the finish line.

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“Tony finished Hell Week today,” Goggins wrote. “I have had many people try yet he is the first one to get through it. I have had a lot of great athletes over the years want to train with me but for one reason or another, “something”
always miraculously comes up so they can’t complete it.

“There is a look I see on the faces of people who are on the brink of quitting called the thousand yard stare. They start asking questions- when is it going to end? what’s next? how many sets are left? are we coming back again tonight? is this healthy for you? This is when I usually start laughing my ass off. I tell them it is time to pack your bag and go home. Once you start asking these questions, I know you are not committed.

I broke El Cucuy on Day One, or at least I thought I did. I had him deep in the hurt locker and figured the questions were soon to be coming. I told Kish late that night “this motherfucker is done!” But, I was wrong.

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David Goggins witnesses the ‘Rebirth of El Cucury’

“He woke up on Day Two even more fired up to go,” Goggins continued. “There was never a question asked. His response was always the same “OK, Coach.” Around 11pm on Wednesday night, when he could barely walk after having completed nearly 2 miles of walking lunges and a shit ton of other cardio and weight training, I figured I would put a fork in him and gut him. But the craziest thing happened…. The motherfucker gave me a crazy ass smile and I could tell that he had flipped the switch. I was there for the rebirth of El Cucuy.

“It happened somewhere on the Jacob’s Ladder at around 11:11pm. I knew then that the torture I was putting him through was no longer torture. In order to get through hell, you have to become the Devil! And that night, the Devil surfaced and boy was it a beautiful sight to behold! We both laughed because we knew what was happening.

“A lot of people ask me if I think he will win his next fight- I don’t have the first damn clue about that. That’s up to Tony. What I do know is that the man who walks into the octagon on December 16th will be a deeply changed man. Sometimes when the fight is near, the warrior must go back home because home is where the hell began.

“My friends, Tony is home! Hello darkness my old friend.”

Tony Ferguson will return to the Octagon on December 16 determined to snap a six-fight losing streak when he meets lightweight fan favorite Paddy Pimblett as part of the UFC 296 main card.