The UFC Just Needs To Pay Nate Diaz

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In the last few days, UFC President Dana White and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertita have met with both Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz likely in hopes of coming to an agreement for their highly anticipated rematch that was originally scheduled for July 9’s UFC 200.

According to McGregor, it seems as if his meeting with the UFC brass went well, and that both parties were able to put their differences aside.

With Diaz, however, it appears to be a different story, as it so very often is with a Diaz brother.

White, while not going into too much detail, described the situation to MMAJunkie yesterday (May 20, 2016):

“I didn’t have a good day in Stockton.”

Despite not having all of the facts, one would have to assume that Diaz and the UFC brass hit a roadblock when talks of money came up.

The younger Diaz brother has had his fair share of contract disputes with the promotion, and he’s always stated that he’s interested in only big fights and big money.

The key factor here, however, is that the Stockton native never really had too much leverage. In the eyes of White, Diaz didn’t necessarily “move the needle” despite being quite a popular name amongst the fans.

To the UFC, Diaz likely appeared as a complaining fighter who seemed to talk more than he would fight, and one could argue that this theory was partly true.

Now, however, the roles have reversed, and the tides have changed. The ball is finally in Diaz’s court, and he finally has the leverage he’s been waiting so long for.

The former title challenger came in on less than two week’s notice and took out the sport’s biggest star in McGregor via submission at March’s UFC 196. He talked his head off, sold the fight, and deserves his credit for being part of one of the biggest events in mixed martial arts history.

Diaz undoubtedly became even bigger of a star after UFC 196, and fans want to see him fight now more than ever, and despite the criticism towards a Diaz vs. McGregor rematch, the fight would simply be massive.

The younger brother of MMA’s most polarizing duo has had a long, somewhat controversial, and interesting career to say the least.

He may have been out of line many times before regarding his demands from the UFC, but this one time, he may be right on point, and he’s made it clear what he wants: a rematch with the Irishman, and a boatload of cash.

It’s time that the UFC gives in, and pays Nate Diaz his money.

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