Now just a year ago the Middleweight division seem to get at its peak with former PRIDE champion Dan Henderson that seem ready to take the spider out after his KO of the year against Bisping , and Former pancrase champion Nate Marquartd also making his way to the title to rematch Anderson Silva , and the return of “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort  the division seem to get better and better , making the champ having 3 possible contenders to defend his belt .

Just a few months ago, everything was working out for the UFC. Vitor Belfort fought for the title after Dan Henderson was let go from the UFC , and Nate “The Great” Marquartd set to fight the winner of Silva vs Belfort , just a few weeks after another contender got his way in the mix as former WEC middleweight champion

The mess started after Dan Henderson left letting a lot of fans down with the end of the rematch, and become really messier when the title fight was off due to and injured by the challenger Belfort and the complete domination of no.1 Contender Nate Marquardt by Sonnen leaving the title without challenge, the timing of Dan Hendersons going to Strikeforce was the worst one .

Chael Sonnen suspended for medical reason, and Marquartd out of the mix and Belfort injured the champion seem to be with out a challenge again leaving back up plan Demian maia with a 1-1 record of his last 2 fights the entire card seem to lost its value and a lot of people believe the champion needed a real challenge after 2 poorly title defenses a lot of people believe he havent defend his belt since UFC 82.

People believe that he should just fight at Light Heavyweight since he’s already 2-0 at 205 , but others thing he should defend his belt since he has unfinished business .

Maia has a chance but if he fails, what after that? Who should be his next opponent? Should he defend it to all 3 contenders? Or should he just stay at 205 and make a run to the title before its too late or just make super fights like GSP , Mir and Couture? What do the fans think about the mess?