Stipe Miocic: I Don’t Listen To What ‘Idiot’ Cormier Says

Daniel Cormier
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Heading into his UFC 241 rematch with Daniel Cormier, Stipe Miocic may be taking a bit of a different approach when it comes to talking trash.

The notoriously solemn former champ is well-known for choosing to let his fists do his talking in the Octagon as opposed to his mouth outside of it. But now that he has his coveted rematch with Cormier, he appears to be taking the gloves off. “DC” recently said he wasn’t going to be nice to the ‘entitled’ former champion anymore.

Responding to that threat on today’s “Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show,” Miocic was a bit more forceful that he has in the past:

“He’s an idiot. I don’t listen to what he says or does because he contradicts himself. All I care about is getting my belt back.”

An all-out verbal assault based on what we’ve seen in the past from the Cleveland-based firefighter. Miocic set the record for most consecutive title defenses at heavyweight the fight before he met Cormier. He remained on the sidelines campaigning for a rematch ever since ‘DC” knocked him out at last July’s UFC 226.

Cormier was seemingly in line for a lucrative farewell pay-per-view spectacle against Brock Lesnar. When the fight fell through, Miocic was standing by waiting to rush right in. He definitely deserves another title bout.

There have been whisperings that Cormier does not want the rematch, however. Miocic, in turn, sounds supremely motivated. Could Cormier’s lack of enthusiasm about this fight produce a different result than the first match?

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