Next up on tonight’s (April 22, 2017) UFC card from Nashville is a lightweight clash between UFC veteran Joe Lauzon and Stevie Ray.

Round One:

Ray immediately took Octagon control but had a front kick caught by Lauzon, who landed a knee to Ray’s face. The two clinched up against the cage and exchanged controlling position, before Lauzon again got the takedown. Lauzon took Ray’s back immediately but was unable to get his second leg hooked.

Lauzon went for the rear-naked choke but then transitioned to top mount. Lauzon let a few elbows reign down and Ray was able to get back into half guard. Again Lauzon got top control and continued his onslaught of elbows.

Ray was finally able to close his guard, but that lasted only momentarily as Lauzon was able to again advance to half guard and continue landing elbows to end the round.

Round Two:

Lauzon took Octagon control this time and avoided Ray’s stand-up attack. Ray continued to throw offense Lauzon’s way, but it was mostly blocked as Lauzon continued to walk him down and search for his opening for the takedown.

A caught kick almost landed Lauzon the takedown but Ray was able to scramble out after clinching up against the cage. Ray begun to pack a lot more behind his strikes and Lauzon looked spent before bursting out with a huge takedown. An elbow landed for Lauzon, who was able to advance to half guard.

After a scramble Ray attempted another ankle lock on Lauzon to close out the round.

Round Three:

Ray opened the third round with some elbow strikes of his own. He then threw a high-kick that didn’t land before continuing to throw elbows in the pocket. Lauzon shot in on Ray’s leg but the attempt was unsuccessful. Lauzon landed a nice straight left, followed by a right hook, then Lauzon got in on a takedown.

Ray responded by throwing a plethora of elbows to Lauzon’s head, but Lauzon was finally able to get Ray down. Ray landed a nice series of elbows to Lauzon’s head from bottom, and Lauzon was slow to respond with only a few strikes from top. Ray scrambled to his feet and pressured Lauzon against the cage as they locked up.

After establishing the thai clinch Ray landed some nice knees and then a body kick. Ray then uncorked some nasty offense that had Lauzon rocked badly on the feet. Ray ended the round unloading on Lauzon, who was very visibly shaken.

Official Result: Stevie Ray def. Joe Lauzon via Majority Decision (28-27, 29-27, 28-28)

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