Ex-UFC champ Sean Strickland threatens to punch TikTok star Jaykindafunny

Sean Strickland threatens Jaykindafunny

Sean Strickland has had enough of influencers spouting stupid catchphrases and talking trash behind a keyboard.

It’s been a busy weekend for the former middleweight world champion. On Friday, ‘Tarzan’ got his day started by beating the sh*t out of controversial Rumble streamer Sneako during an early morning sparring session. For lunch, he got into a flame war with Youtuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul after ‘The Problem Child’ took exception to Strickland’s treatment of his fellow influencer in the now-viral video.

It was already a pretty full day for Strickland, but he was far from done. Making his presence felt at a star-studded Power Slap event in Sin City, ‘Tarzan’ got into it with musician and actor Machine Gun Kelly, calling the Grammy-nominated artist “weird” to his face before yelling, “I’m easy to find, vampire man!”

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Already fed up dealing with internet personalities and Mr. Megan Fox, Strickland had absolutely no tolerance left when he was approached by TikTok star Jaykindafunny. You may know him as the kid who runs around invading people’s personal space while saying “Chupapi munyanyo.”

Attempting to get Strickland to repeat his nonsensical tagline during a brief interaction, things went pretty much how you’d expect.

“I don’t know who the f*ck you are, but in a different setting I might hit you,” Strickland declared before walking away.

Which of Sean Strickland’s Super Bowl weekend encounters was your favorite?