Former fighters Sam Stout and Mike Pierce have joined the likes of Jon Jones, Jorge Masvidal, and Gray Maynard in speaking out against the UFC. Stout was a long-time fixture of the lightweight division. The Canadian joined the UFC in 2006 and had 20 fights inside the octagon. He was always in exciting fights and took home post-fight bonuses on seven different occasions. After seeing current and ex-fighters begin to speak out against the UFC he has chosen to do the same. Stout claims he made next to nothing for his early UFC fights and the pay didn’t really improve despite the fact UFC made it big, he said.

“I got paid 2k and 2k for my first UFC fight when they were starting out. When they got rich they kept us all poor. We are commodities to them. I’m with Jorge Masvidal, Jon Jones and Gray Maynard and all the others that have the balls to stand up to the man.”

Retired welterweight Mike Pierce got involved when the conversation switched to former UFC matchmaker Joe Silva. Pierce went 9-5 during his fourteen-fight UFC run. He scored victories over Brock Larson, Kenny Robertson, Aaron Simpson, and David Mitchell. Pierce also shared the cage with the likes of Johny Hendricks, Josh Koshcheck, and Rousimar Palhares. “We all have stories about that hobbit dirt bag,” he initially said about Joe Silva before sharing one of his own after being prompted by a fan.

“There are many. One time, as I was at the curtain about to make the walk, he reminded me why he signed me and why he hadn’t cut me yet. In other words, perform how I expect or you’re gone. One hell of a pep talk when you’re already under immense pressure.”

Do you think former fighters like Sam Stout and Mike Pierce can help current fighters be treated more fairly by the UFC?

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