Ronda Rousey slams ‘evil, unethical, slimeball’ Vince McMahon amid slew of vile assault allegations

Ronda Rousey slams 'evil, unethical, slimeball' Vince McMahon amid slew of vile assault allegations

Former UFC and WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey absolutely shredded pro wrestling’s “Emperor Palpatine” Vince McMahon in her upcoming memoir.

Officially set for a release on April 2, Our Fight will give fans of the women’s MMA pioneer a glimpse into her journey from an Olympic medalist, to a UFC champion, to one of the biggest names in all of sports entertainment. Unfortunately, it wasn’t glitz and glamor, particularly during her post-UFC stint as a member of the WWE roster.

Ronda Rousey memoir Our Fight

From 2017 to 2023, Rousey was an active member of the WWE Universe — aside from a period of inactivity during which her daughter was born. During her time in the spotlight, ‘Rowdy’ was one of the biggest names in the game and even broke barriers by being one of the first women to ever headline WrestleMania.

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Ronda Rousey

Last year, Rousey walked away from the promotion, leading many to believe that she was gearing up for a return to MMA at UFC 300 on April 13.

We now know that’s not the case, but it appears that there was a far darker reason for her decision to walk away, as seen in an excerpt from her book.

“NXT was founded by and under the control of Triple H, real name Paul Levesque,” a section of Rousey’s memoir read.” In addition into being my in-ring WrestleMania nemesis, he is arguably one of the best professional wrestlers in history and one of the better people on the business side. He is married to Stephanie McMahon, who is the daughter of WWE’s Emperor Palpatine, Vince McMahon. Vince took over the company from his father in the early 1980s and spent the better part of forty years playing a real-world pro-wrestling version of Monopoly, buying up and absorbing smaller promotions until he basically owned them all.

“It’s hard sometimes to know where the evil, unethical, slimeball character of Vince McMahon played out for the camera ends and the actual questionably ethical, many times sued, and multiple times accused of sexual misconduct Vince McMahon begins. That blurred line between character and reality is a recurring theme within the WWE Universe” (h/t

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey takes a dig at McMahon’s deal with Saudi Arabia

In January, a former WWE employee named Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against McMahon, alleging that the WWE founder had sexually assaulted her multiple times in 2021 and trafficked her to other employees within the organization. McMahon allegedly pressured Grant into signing an NDA to secure her silence in exchange for $3 million. However, after the initial $1 million payment, no further payments were ever made prompting Grant to file the suit.

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McMahon stepped down from his role with the WWE and as a chairman of its parent company, TKO Group shortly after the allegations were first reported in The Wall Street Journal.

“[Pay-per-views are] held in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia, as well as twice a year now in Saudi Arabia,” the memoir continues. “A nation that restricts the rights of women in a way that I’m certain Vince McMahon wishes he could.”

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