Ex-UFC star Ronda Rousey claims Vince McMahon will still influence WWE despite exit: ‘He still has a hand in the business’

Ronda Rousey claims Vince McMahon will still influence the WWE despite his resignation

Ronda Rousey has spoken out about the Vince McMahon situation, and she’s claiming that even though he’s resigned, he won’t be done playing a role with the WWE.

After horrible sexual abuse allegations were exposed, Vince McMahon is now facing a lawsuit and has stepped down from his role as executive chairman of TKO. One would assume that this means the end of McMahon’s connection with the brand, but according to Rousey, this isn’t the case.

On the night of the “Royal Rumble” WWE event, Rousey took to the social media platform formerly known as Twitter and claimed that McMahon would continue to have a hand in the business due to one of McMahon’s lackeys who she claimed was the former executive chairman’s “avatar”.

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Ronda Rousey claims Vince McMahon will Still “Have a Hand” In Running the WWE

A former wrestler, Rousey actually parted ways with the WWE in October of 2023. Hence, the reason why she seemed unafraid to call out the former longtime WWE executive publicly.

“Bruce Prichard is basically Vince’s avatar,” Ronda Rousey began. “If he’s still around, Vince still has a hand in the business. Vince was still running things through Bruce when he was ‘gone’ before.”

Regarded as one of the most powerful executives in the WWE, Prichard is believed to hold more sway than his title of executive director would suggest.

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Regardless, one can only hope that Vince McMahon stays far away from the WWE after the recent allegations that have surfaced. Due to the merger of the UFC and WWE under Endeavor, it’s imagined that Endeavor CEO Ari Emmanuel will look to play a closer role in the company, and maybe even inspire a deep change.

What do you think about the statement Ronda Rousey made about Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard?