Joe Rogan To Receive New Commentary Partner In 2017

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In late 2015, news emerged that Joe Rogan was unsure of his future with the UFC. Officially Rogan’s first show for the UFC was in 1997 at UFC 12, but he literally did it for free tickets and beers for his friends. In 2002, the stand up comic became color commentator and accepted pay for the job. Since then, his partnership with Mike Goldberg has become a classic odd couple scenario. Hearing of the UFC’s heavily rumoured sale, Rogan was quoted as saying he was unsure of his future with the promotion.

Earlier this year Rogan signed a new contract with the UFC, but then an interesting moment during his podcast last week cropped up. Eddie Bravo accidentally asked who Goldberg’s replacement would be. Although they tried to quickly backtrack, it was already out there. The old saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ doesn’t quite apply. After countless successful events, albeit filled with a few classic bloopers, the new ownership has ushered in the winds of change. Unfortunately for Goldberg, it sounds as though he will be part of that change.

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Goldberg’s trademark sayings are likely to become a part of MMA history very soon Appearing on for an interview this weekend, UFC president Dana White revealed he’s working on Goldberg’s replacement:

“This has been my dream to assemble this dream team of commentating and I’ve wanted this guy for years and I’m working on it and it’s going to happen,”

“Joe Rogan in my opinion is the greatest to ever do it,” White added. “The greatest ever to call fights. HBO is very cocky and arrogant in their [boxing] production — but they deserve to be; they do it well and everything else — but Joe Rogan is the greatest to ever call fights in a combat sport.”



White has spoken in the past about his high regard for Mauro Ranallo as a fight caller. The ex-Pride FC commentator would make a great addition to the UFC’s commentating booth, or maybe Bas Rutten is being lined up. As WME-IMG looks to change the UFC irreversibly, will it be for the better in the long run?

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