Rampage Jackson reveals Nate Diaz suffered injury ahead of Jake Paul fight: ‘He had a pulled muscle in there’

Rampage Jackson Nate Diaz

Rampage Jackson has recently shared a story about the night of the Nate Diaz and Jake Paul fight and claims Diaz went into the boxing match with an injury.

The fight occurred back in August, and Paul handed Diaz a pretty convincing beat down on his way to a decision victory over the former UFC star. Many thought Diaz didn’t quite look like himself that night, and according to Rampage Jackson: he just truly wasn’t.

“It was a very entertaining fight, in my opinion,” Jackson said on his podcast. He was in attendance that night, and after the fight, he went backstage and checked on Nate Diaz personally. “I watched it as entertainment. You know I’m going for Nate, Nate’s always been one of the realest O.Gs. I’m going for him, but he just didn’t look like himself.”

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Rampage Jackson details Nate Diaz disclosing the injury to him in the locker room after the fight

“And then I went into the locker room later,” Rampage Jackson continued. “I don’t know if he said this to the press, but he was injured. He had a pulled muscle in there. And I can tell, I said ‘Man, what’s wrong with you,’ because one of his pecs was smaller than the other. ‘Oh man, I got a f—ed up pinched nerve in my back.’”

This injury essentially forced the Stockton native to change tactics leading into the fight and completely altered the way he was going to approach Jake Paul in the boxing ring.

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Jackson went on to say that he was very impressed that Diaz didn’t lean on his injury as a crutch to excuse his loss to Paul. “I respect that because I got an excuse with all my losses,” Jackson chuckled. “You lose respect when you talk excuses, but yeah I got excuses for all my losses.”

As far as Rampage Jackson goes, he’s preparing for a fight against former TUF 10 contestant Darrill Schoonover. The two got into a beef of sorts when Jackson began referring to the quite heavyset man as “Titties”, and now the duo is looking to settle the score.

What do you think about Jackson’s story about his encounter with Nate Diaz after the Jake Paul fight?