Rafael dos Anjos: I’ll Smash Conor McGregor In K-1 Rules Fight

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For those that thought Rafael dos Anjos would look for the takedown right away at UFC 196, think again. Lessons learned from Jose Aldo?

UFC 196 stands to be the biggest event of 2016 so far with it’s star studded line up, and could potentially outshine any further PPV (pay-per-view) shows for the rest of the year. As well as the first title defense of women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm against Miesha Tate, UFC 196 houses a lightweight title fight for the ages. Rafael dos Anjos will look to take out the visiting featherweight champion Conor McGregor in the main event.

As is typical for any fight featuring McGregor, the trash talk has been frequent and controversial. Kicking the action off at the recent UFC 196 presser, ‘The Notorious’ angered dos Anjos’ team mate Fabricio Werdum with his slanderous comments. Accusing the lightweight champ of betraying his home nation of Brazil, McGregor declared he’d behead RDA come March 5.

McGregor RDA

There was a bizarre and hilarious reaction by Fabricio Werdum to McGregor’s awards show rant yesterday, and now dos Anjos has been doing some talking for himself. Check out what he told The MMA Hour h/t MMAMania:

“This guy thinks because he dresses in expensive clothes and he drives nice cars that he has class, but he is classless. He has no class, he’s a lowlife. I can’t wait to go there. I’m not taking it personal, he’s an actor who is acting. Once I go there, I’m a straight guy, I don’t talk, I do. I’m going to go there and send him back home and to his division. He is going to have nightmares with the lightweight division for the rest of his life.”

RDA is not really known for his brash attitude, but it seems he has a severe disliking for McGregor. The subject then turned to how the fight will play out, as many believe the Irishman is the ‘superior’ striker:

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