Paddy Pimblett blasted for kicking, ‘bullying’ little person in viral video: ‘That’s actually sad’

Paddy Pimblett little person kick

Liverpool’s ‘The Baddy’ Paddy Pimblett has recently taken more criticism from fans. A new video has emerged of Paddy Pimblett front-kicking a little person, Kewon Vines, in the gym, and fans have not taken kindly to this incident.

In the clip, Paddy Pimblett and YouTuber Danny Duncan spend some time training at the gym. There, the two apply submissions, takedowns, and kicks to Kewon Vines. The kick clip begins around 8:11. See the video below:

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Fan reaction to Paddy Pimblett’s little person kick

MMA fans were not overly impressed with this clip from Padd ‘The Baddy.’ On Twitter, people said:

“that’s the best win on his resume right there.”


“bullying dwarfs … paddy doing paddy things”


“Mr diversity champion Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett beating up Black little people is the least surprising thing hitting my timeline today…”


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“That’s sad actually.”


“Finally found somebody that [Paddy] can actually beat.”

Paddy Pimblett is a former two-division Cage Warriors champion before transitioning to the UFC. Thus far he has remained unbeaten in the organization but his most recent bout was a contentious win. Fan narrative is that Paddy Pimblett did not deserve the decision win over Jared Gordon.

Pimblett is a UFC lightweight fighter who is divisive but highly popular. Today is he one of the bigger names in MMA among active fighters. ‘The Baddy‘ has no wins over ranked competition. He will likely return to the octagon later this year as he is currently recovering from minor surgery.

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