Nick Diaz Beefs With Dustin Poirier Online, Poirier Wants To Fight

Nick Diaz
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Dustin Poirier won’t be making friends with anyone in the Diaz family anytime soon. After news broke of Nate Diaz claiming he wouldn’t be fighting at UFC 244 next week due to the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) claiming he tested for “elevated levels,” Poirier didn’t waste any time going after the Stockton native.

Poirier ripped into Diaz, a longtime advocate for a clean sport, for apparently tested for a banned substance. “The Diamond” called Diaz a “fake ass gangster,” and claimed he pulled out of their previously scheduled fight at UFC 230 last year before Poirier was forced out with a hip injury.

“Talking all that sh*t about steroids. F*ck you, Nate. Pulled out. You pulled out of my fight too. You a b*tch. Fake ass gangster,” Poirier said.

This sparked a response from Nate’s older brother, Nick, who took to his Instagram story to share the following.

“LOL this lol hoe b*tch hurt his p*ssy again,” Diaz said. “Good vibes U gonna be alright D.”

Poirier issued a response on Twitter, who called the seemingly retired Diaz out to fight.

“I want all the smoke!! I’ll fight Nick at 170 too lets go.”

“. @nickdiaz209 you retired or nah”

What do you think about a potential fight between Poirier and Nick Diaz?

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