Appeal Against Dana White In Sex-Tape Case Gets Rejected By Nevada Supreme Court

Dana White

The Nevada Supreme Court panel has rejected an appeal in the sex-tape extortion case between Dana White and a Las Vegas man.

A lawyer representing Ernesto Joshua Ramos in his breach-of-contract lawsuit against the mixed martial arts mogul said Monday he will ask the full seven-member court to reconsider the decision handed down Thursday by a three-justice panel.

Attorney Ian Christopherson said he believes a U.S. District Court judge who in 2016 sentenced Ramos to 366 days in federal prison for the extortion attempt ruled that Ramos had a right to assert his claims against White.

The state high court panel noted Ramos and Dana White previously reached a nondisclosure agreement and said Ramos didn’t specify an error by a state court judge in Las Vegas who dismissed his claim.

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Ramos, a Las Vegas real estate agent and personal trainer, pleaded guilty to threatening to post on the video of his girlfriend having sex with White in a hotel room during a UFC event in Brazil in October 2014. Ramos was accused of demanding $200,000 from White.

The federal judge overseeing the criminal case in 2015 had ordered prosecutors, defense lawyers and Ramos not to reveal White’s identity while the case was open.

Ramos filed the state court lawsuit against White in April 2020, revealing White’s name as the victim of the extortion attempt and accusing White of failing to pay Ramos an agreed-upon $450,000 to keep White’s name secret after the criminal case against Ramos was closed.

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The Supreme Court panel also concluded that Ramos did not have a valid contract with White to compensate him in return for his silence.. (H/T

“Without a valid contract, Ramos’ breach-of-contract claim necessarily fails and the district court properly dismissed it,” the justices said.

White, who has been President of the UFC since 2001, has been recently called ‘irreplaceable’ by former U.S. President Donald Trump and is no stranger to controversy. In 2011, White’s mother, June, released the book “Dana White, King of MMA: An Unauthorized Biography”. June claimed in the book that, since his success with the UFC, Dana had “turned his back on his family and friends who were there for him when he needed help and support”.

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