Nate Diaz touted to ‘Expose’ Jake Paul in August boxing matchup: ‘He’s going to have the perfect style’

Nate Diaz makes offer to headline UFC 300 in stunning return to the Octagon

UFC fan favorite Bobby Green firmly believes his friend and training partner Nate Diaz will “expose” ‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul when they clash on August 5th.

The MMA and Boxing world is split as to who takes this one. People are seemingly leaning toward Jake Paul as he has a great track record against older and smaller MMA opponents. However, Nate Diaz and his brother Nick have always been a little different. Unpredictable would probably be the perfect word for them.

Many fans agreed Leon Edwards would wipe the floor with an ageing Nate Diaz when they fought at UFC 263, but the entire world was very surprised when Diaz almost knocked Edwards out cold. Diaz isn’t even known for his punching power and has always been considered a volume striker. But, at UFC 263, he shocked the world and severely staggered Edwards. Even more unpredictably, instead of finishing the fight by rushing forward and landing a few more strikes: Nate Diaz just pointed at the stumbling Edwards and laughed in what would go down as a classic Diaz moment.

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Not only did he give ‘Rocky’ the time he needed to recover, but he also went on to lose via decision, in a moment that forever etched itself in history as one of the most baffling and in-hindsight hilarious moments of the illustrious career of Diaz.

As Nate Diaz prepares for Jake Paul, Bobby Green believes Diaz’s style will spell doom for ‘The Problem Child’

“I was just training with Nate a couple of weeks ago,” Green told Sportskeeda (H/T MMA Mania). “We were getting it in, and I think he’s going to have the perfect style to expose Jake. A lot of people sleep on his boxing, but his boxing’s really good. He’s actually a better boxer than a MMA fighter!”

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“Don’t get me wrong, his jitz is sick, but his boxing is probably number one, and people don’t realize that. But I think the issue is that with MMA the gloves are smaller, so when you do certain techniques in boxing, they don’t exactly translate to MMA as well.”

Obviously just a well-deserved money fight for Nate Diaz, the boxing bout still has the extreme likelihood to be mega-entertaining just because he is involved. Some of the funniest and most controversial moments in MMA history have stemmed from the hilarious exploits of the Diaz bros, and MMA fans can rest assured that the press conferences and fight to come will most likely be packed with a handful of comedic gems that will live on in history forever.

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Regarding the huge amount of money Diaz was likely about to secure, Green had this to say: “F— yeah, f—, he deserves it, he really does,”

Who do you think wins in the battle between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz?