Full Send MMA Reporter Reveals Why Nate Diaz Slapped Him At UFC 276: ‘I Probably Deserved It’

Nate Diaz

Full Send MMA reporter and Nelk Boys content creator, OG Shawny Mack has revealed the reason why former UFC lightweight title challenger, Nate Diaz slapped him backstage during an interview at UFC 276 earlier this month – claiming that he likely deserved the wrath he received from the veteran. 

Diaz, a one-time title challenger at the lightweight limit with the organization, attended UFC 276 last weekend ahead of a middleweight title headliner between Israel Adesanya, and Jared Cannonier.

Nate Diaz has yet to land his final contracted fight with the UFC

Engaging in an interview backstage with the aforenoted, Mack, footage emerged of Diaz fielding a question from the Nelk Boys reporters, before pulling him close, knocking his microphone away, and slapping his hat from his head. 

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Revealing the reason why he likely found himself on the recent end of a patented ‘Stockton slap’ from Diaz, Mack explained how his decision to mock Diaz’s teammate, Nick Maximov following a recent loss to Andre Petroski, was likely the reason for the altercation. 

“What the f*ck am I going to do, fight Nate Diaz?” Mack told The Nelk Boys during a podcast appearance on YouTube. “There was also a video TMZ posted, and they asked Nate Diaz when he’s going to fight Khamzat (Chimaev). He said, ‘F*ck that, fight my boy over here,’ and it just awkwardly pans the camera to Nick Maximov like he wasn’t expecting it.”

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 “And he’s like, ‘Yeah, man’.” He said. “I made a meme about it, and I took the song that goes, ‘Oh no, oh no.’ So when the camera pans to Nick Maximov, I played that. And I zoomed in on Nick Maximov’s face – that was the first one. He got tapped out in the first round so I screenshotted a picture of Nick Maximov obviously slept in the cage, and I put the Nate Diaz quote – ‘Khamzat Chimaev, come fight my boy, as he’s sitting there (obviously beaten).”

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Mack revealed that he likely did deserve to find himself on the receiving end of a slap from Diaz.

“So, you know what? F*cking right,” Mack said. “I probably deserved it.” (Transcribed by Insider)