Cage Warriors 148 | Modestas Bukauskas gets a walk-off KO to become Cage Warriors Champion!

Modestas Bukauskas

In the main event of Cage Warriors 148, Modestas Bukauskas captured the 205lb title with a highlight reel KO.

Bukauskas has managed to get his career back on track, seeing himself close the year out with 2 wins after suffering an injury that saw him cut from the UFC.

‘The Baltic Gladiator’ looked sensational in the main event, improving in a big way since his last bout vs. Lee Chadwick. Bukauskas’ work rate could be seen throughout the entire fight camp leading up to the bout and it was clear to see this could be the best version we have seen to date.

Chuck Campbell was able to earn himself a victory in his last bout against long-time competitor Andy Clamp. Campbell will no doubt of been looking to score the home victory upset and see himself a Cage Warriors champion at just 6-1 with a win over Cage Warrior’s fan favorite. Campbell was coming into this bout undefeated in his last four bouts, with each performance being better than the last.

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With a win here it begs the question, will we now see Modestas Bukauskas return to the UFC or remain and defend his title? This was definitely a more active and dangerous Bukauskas in the cage and performances like these will see great success for the Baltic Gladiator.

Round 1 started off slow with Bukauskas controlling the cage and forcing Campbell to constantly be moving as he bit on the feints of Bukauskas. Instantly you could see how much more Bukauskas was active in this bout, constantly threatening with the power he has and grappling against the cage. as the round went on both men looked more comfortable.

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in the second round, it was more of the same for Bukauskas, though most of the second round was spent controlling Campbell against the cage using the knees and hammer fists to the leg while clinched against the cage. Goddard eventually broke both men up seeing Campbell have a lot more energy in his movement but the output remained the same letting Bukauskas take control as Campbell eventually began throwing more finishing the round with a flying knee.

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in the 3rd round, it was clear Modestas Bukauskas was in front by slight margins with both men still being very competitive. Campbell had that one-shot power ko and it was being respected but Bukauskas was coming in more using explosive movements to have Campbell react, Campbell needed more activity in this round, the constant circling out of distance and waiting for Bukauskas to engage was slowly giving away the rounds and also feeding more confidence into the former LHW champion.

it was the 4th round that finally saw Modestas Bukauskas secure the Ko with a beautiful looping shot to secure the walk-off ko. It was almost like Deja Vu having seen Modestas Bukauskas secure a ko in a similar vicious fashion to originally win (again) a vacant Cage Warriors Light heavyweight title. leaving fans eager to see what’s next for the heavy-hitting comeback master.

See the brilliant walk-off ko that saw Modestas Bukauskas become champion!