After a long time since November 2018, the heavyweight championship will include the latest challenger as the MMA fan base is now looking up to the March 27’s clash between Francis Ngannou and Stipe Miocic on UFC 260. 

For the last two years or more, Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic have contended against each other for the heavyweight belt. And going by the tendency of their trilogy, Ngannou has been given another title shot after Miocic defeated him in January 2018.

Online sportsbooks are expecting significant amounts of money wagered in this match, and many of them have already published the odds they have set on these two MMA fighters. Many online sportsbooks have positioned Stipe as an underdog despite his triumph in the last encounter these two fighters had. That consequently has made Francis a favorite.  

Exemplarily, if Stipe becomes the underdog with +150 and Ngannou comes as the favorite with 175, bettors choosing to back Ngannou have to wager $175 for gaining $100 profit on his winning. When sportsbooks notice this kind of odds set up, bettors recognize that the implied win probability Ngannou has with -175 is 63.64%, while the win probability supports his competitor with a 40.00%.

Ngannou is Bracing up for Showing his Supremacy 

In January 2018, UFC 220 made Ngannou go through a defeat against Miocic, his first in UFC. And it was followed up with a lackluster snoozer; yet another loss against Derrick Lewis came afterward. But, from then on, ‘The Predator’ has won four consecutive matches by knocking out his opponents every time, and astoundingly, the most prolonged bout he had during these matches is a mere 71 seconds.

Throughout this timeframe, the warrior was silently growing at Miocic and Cormier’s side while they were busy settling their trilogy. And, now, as UFC 260 has given him another sweet opportunity of salvation, UFC lovers are expectedly going to witness an unforgettable fight between these two. Being one of the flagship holders of the online sports betting industry, OLBG has already started to offer brilliant wagering deals on this match, and every interested bettor can make use of the latest offers found here.

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Miocic Doesn’t Mind being Underdog

On his first fight against Ngannou, Stipe Miocic was an underdog with +150 under his name. And, the last two fights he had against Daniel, he has also placed him as an underdog with +120 for the first one, and in the second one, he was attached with -110 pick’em. The first win came under his belt with a fourth-round knockout win, and a unanimous decision affirmed the second win. This man has won eight times in the last nine matches he appeared. Hence, whether an underdog or not, Miocic has the required potential to mark his name as a winner again; his excellent survival skills have endowed him with the record of defending heavyweight titles for the most times. And, he likes to make the fight tiring and sloppy until his opponent gives up. 

Can Ngannou Put his Past Defeat behind him? 

If Ngannou of the previous matches come up inside the octagon on that day, high chances are he is walking out with the title. The boxing style he has doesn’t look that enticing, but it should be how it is now. His potent punches and fierce forward pressure can make his opponent keep looking at the lights. 

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When the predator starts his punching game, opponents get cornered in pockets, making it extremely difficult to bear the attacks and counter back. In his first match with Miocic, he outwrestled him, which made Ngannou gassed out. 

But, the alluring part is now the predator is ready to hit the octagon once again, and this time he is coming with improved skills and power. While on the other hand, Miocic is also standing firm on his ground, creating a suitable ambiance for an epic clash. MMA lovers are waiting to witness this match through their own eyes, while sports bettors have sensed the smell of profits out of this upcoming match. Now, the big question is will history repeat itself, or Ngannou will be able to turn around the table this time? Well, all these questions will be answered on that very day, inside the octagon.