Mike Perry Gives Vacant Corner Spot To Reddit User

Mike Perry

Only Mike Perry would have a random Reddit user in their corner for a fight.

Back in October, Mike Perry announced via social media that he was going to be auctioning off a spot in his corner for his bout against Tim Means at UFC 255. The unique experience was available to the highest bidder, unless you are named Darren Till. Till sensationally announced that he wanted to bid for the vacant seat amongst Perry’s team. In typical trolling fashion, he even went so far as to set up a Go Fund Me page. Of course, this dream team of Till and Perry sadly didn’t come to fruition.

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One reason was that Dana White said Perry wasn’t allowed to sell the spot. The second reason was that Perry hates Till. Hard to blame “Platinum” seeing as Till threatened online to “raw dog” Perry’s girlfriend back in May. A rivalry between the two has continued to brew online since. Amazingly, the term “raw dog” has proved tremendously popular online. So popular that Till has even opened an online merchandise store under the same name.

“Platinum” does what he wants. As, despite being denied by White, Perry did end up giving away the spot in his corner. The lucky winner was a Reddit MMA member by the name of bsWINcups. The once in a lifetime experience was captured on behind-the-scenes footage by the Reddit user. However, Perry went on to lose the fight to Tim Means via unanimous decision. Despite this most recent loss, White seems relatively unfazed by the unprofessional weight-cut and recent controversies surrounding his divisive fighter.

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With plenty of merch in hand and lots of pictures of himself posed beside such UFC champions as Deiveson Figueiredo and Valentina Shevchenko, it’s safe to say the Reddit user had a memorable time. I’m very surprsed the UFC allowed the experience to go ahead, considering Dana was quite explicit with his denouncement. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see if this act of giving away of spots in a fighter’s corner becomes a trend.

Do you like Mike Perry’s theatrics? Which fighter would you most like to be in the corner of?