UFC welterweight Mike Perry was recently the subject of much concern from the MMA community. This was a result of a video posted on Instagram, that showed Perry sitting in a pool his of own blood. It appeared that Perry had attempted to smash a glass door, and inadvertently caused a horrifying gash down his leg. The disturbing video was followed by an even more troubling tweet:

However, TMZ have since reported that Perry has received medical attention and appears to be recovering. Perry posted videos of himself at a medical facility, as well as a video of him walking his dog. This would appear to imply that Perry is physically ok for the time being. However this is only the latest in a plethora of worrying incidents involving the fighter. Domestic abuse allegations, as well as an assault at a restaurant in July, are some of the most extreme cases involving Perry. TMZ did report that the 29 year old was supposedly receiving treatment for substance abuse. However it may be that Perry requires help for his mental health more than his physical health.

Perry’s MMA career has also seen better days. He can often be seen throwing caution to the wind and simply throwing heavy shots, with little regard for technique or defence. He was recently pieced up by Tim Means, who concisely out boxed Perry. Geoff Neal also brutally defeated ‘Platinum’ Perry with a vicious first round head kick TKO finish. Another example of erratic decision making by Perry is the choice to forgo the help of any experienced cornermen, replacing them with his pregnant girlfriend, who has zero MMA experience. Recently he called out Nate Diaz in the hope of securing a ‘Christmas wish’ fight.

What are your thoughts on Mike Perry’s erratic behaviour?

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