BKFC star ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry claims Dillon Danis is out, he’s in against Logan Paul on Oct. 14

Mike Perry

According to BKFC star ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry, Dillon Danis is out and he is in.

On October 14, Danis was set to step inside the squared circle for a clash with social media sensation Logan Paul as part of Misfits Boxing’s ‘The PRIME’ Card’ in Manchester. However, that no longer appears to be the case if both Danis and Perry are to be believed.

On Thursday, Danis reposted a clip of Logan Paul discussing the legal battle between Danis and his fiancee, swimsuit model Nina Agdal. The comments seemed to spark some frustration in Danis who suggested that he is bowing out of the bout less than two weeks from fight night.

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“Logan bragging about lawsuits again he isn’t built for the fight game, this pussy doesn’t deserve me I’m out,” Danis wrote on X.

Adding fuel to the fire was Mike Perry, the official backup for the contest, who posted a video saying, “It’s official guys. I’m in.”

It should be noted that neither Dillon Danis nor Mike Perry have officially confirmed the change, leading some to suspect that this is nothing more than another tactic to get people talking about the bout.

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Logan Paul Responds to Dillon Danis and Mike Perry

Logan Paul offered up his response to the situation on social media saying:

“Don’t let Dillon fool you… he knows that pulling out AGAIN would guarantee no fighter, fight organization, or legit brand will ever work with him because he’s an unreliable liar,” Paul posted on X. “Not to mention the embarrassment of pussying out against me. I’m going to break this predator physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. This isn’t about just winning the fight; I’m going to destroy his entire life. But truthfully, idgaf who shows up on October 14 — the man across from me will be knocked out cold.”

It didn’t take long for Dillon Danis to snap back at Paul online.

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“Logan is so delusional he thinks this makes him look good. It’s actually crazy,” Danis replied. “Suing someone isn’t a real fighter move. It’s a cowardly move. Step down from your moral high ground. People still remember you using a suicide victim for financial gain and clout. Also, be a man and turn on your replies pussy.”

The moral of the story? Nobody seems to know what the hell is going on, but it’s safe to say that Dillon Danis, Mike Perry, and Logan Paul have fight fans and the MMA media eating out of the palm of their hands right now.