Logan Paul plans to put liens on every paycheck Dillon Danis earns ‘For the rest of his life’ amid lawsuit

Logan Paul

Jake and Logan Paul believe they’ve got Dillon Danis backed into a corner after the latter’s fiancee, Nina Agdal, filed a lawsuit against the BJJ specialist last month.

Dillon Danis is scheduled to compete for the first time in more than four years when he steps inside the squared circle for a showdown with Logan Paul in Manchester, England. The pair will throw hands in the co-main event of Misfits Boxing’s ‘The PRIME Card’ on October 14.

To try and build hype for the fight with the WWE Superstar, Danis targeted Agdal online, posting NSFW images of the Danish swimsuit model and attempting to slut-shaming her over a series of past relationships. Danis’s trolling tactics caused his social media numbers to skyrocket, but after sharing a sexually explicit photo of Agdal taken during a “romantic encounter” more than a decade ago, Danis finds himself in violation of state and federal ‘revenge porn’ laws that could have him on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Speaking about the situation on their podcast BS w/ Jake Paul, the brothers discussed Danis’ potentially dire situation and their belief that the former Bellator fighter is now in desperate need of a payday.

“He has to fight now because he has tons of lawyers to pay for,” Jake Paul said. “Probably for the next… Two, three years worth, and if you have good lawyers, he said 400k in lawyer fees. It’s probably gonna be more than that actually because if he pulls out, he still has to pay the lawyer fees because the lawsuit is still there and he still has to pay the 100k. I bet you in his bank account… I’ve done a little math and I think Dillon Danis has about $60,000 to his name and that’s being generous.”

Logan Paul Wants to Hit Dillon Danis Where It Hurts for the Rest of His Life

The ‘Problem Child’ suggested that without this fight, Danis could very well find himself declaring bankruptcy with all the looming lawyer fees and potential damages he could be liable for.

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“Even then, it doesn’t end. You put liens on every paycheck he earns for the rest of his life,” Logan Paul added.

“He doesn’t know that what he did was wrong. I also think people are confused about what the lawsuit is. I think a lot of people think it’s about the photos he’s been posting. The photos that are online. It’s not. It’s about a serious crime he committed and to be honest… I don’t know if I want to or even can or should dive in that much because I don’t want to undermine the justice system. It speaks for itself and I don’t want this to appear like fight promotion.

“The lawsuit has nothing to do with me, bro. This is Nina’s thing. This is her decision. I support her 100 f*cking percent. I love that girl so much and this has been crazy for both of us.”