Mike Jackson Reacts To Haters Of CM Punk Win

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MMA photographer and journalist Mike Jackson picked up a lopsided win over CM Punk (highlights here) on the main card of last night’s (Sat., June 9, 2018) UFC 225 from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, but it may have done him more harm than good.

After the victory, Jackson was effectively raked over the coals by UFC President Dana White for his supposedly lackadaisical, taunting performance in a fight he could have finished if he had tried. It was so bad in the exec’s eyes that White confirmed Jackson was done in the UFC.

But Jackson, not surprisingly, has a different account of the events and offered his story on social media as the criticism rolled in. When a ‘fan’ online suggested he could have finished the fight at multiple junctures, ‘The Truth’ replied that while he was hitting Punk with repeated blows, he didn’t want to rush it and risk being the man who was finished by the inexperienced former WWE wrestler:

It’s a moot point to a certain degree, however, as many – possibly including White – felt the disrespect came when Jackson had Punk on the ground and was raining down lazy, almost joking ground blows. It was something another Twitter user pointed out to him and Jackson replied that he was simply looking at his corner rather than taunting Punk:

Justification aside, it seemed like Jackson indeed had the chance to finish Punk on at least one if not multiple occasions after being able to land varied strikes seemingly at will.

He chose to stay in Punk’s guard throwing lazy, spinning punches while staring off into space – he claims it was his corner for ‘instruction’ in a fight he was dominating – and he lost his UFC job for it.

Are you buying what he’s selling, or should have made a statement and ended the fight?

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