Michelle Waterson Chokes Out Angela Magana In Final Round

Former Invicta FC antomweight champion Michelle Waterson (13-4) had a chance to rebound from her title loss late last year. She also had an opportunity to impress in her Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut. To do that, she needed to get past The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) season 20 standout Angela Magana (11-8) at the TUF 21 event in Las Vegas.

Waterson was quick with her movement in the early going, but Magana pushed her against the fence. Waterson eventually completed a judo throw and wound up in side control. Magana was able to fish for an armbar. Magana was then unable to secure the submission and ate a knee as she got back to her feet. Waterson once again completed a judo throw and transitioned to mount. She moved to an armbar, but it was defended as the horn sounded.

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A right hand landed for Waterson at the start of round two. She landed a side kick and threw Magana to the ground, but allowed her to stand back up. “Karate Hottie” landed a right hand followed by a kick to the body. “Your Majesty” caught a kick and took Waterson down.

“Karate Hottie” managed to reverse an armbar attempt into full mount. Waterson connected with an elbow and some punches. Magana was able to move to half guard. Magana looked to secure a heel hook, but Waterson slipped out and regained mount. Round two ended in a failed armbar attempt from “Karate Hottie.”

Waterson landed a leg kick to begin the final round. Waterson connected with a front kick. “Karate Hottie” slammed “Your Majesty” to the ground and got control of her back. She continued hammering away at her opponent and locked in a choke to finish the fight.

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Final Result: Michelle Waterson def. Angela Magana via submission (Rear naked choke) – Round 3, 2:38